Thursday, June 17, 2010

Halal ben Shachar

Some Ancient Hebrew Scripture about Islam before Islam even existed

Halal ben Shachar is Satans name . It's only written out in full one time in all of scripture and found in the Great Scrolls of Yasha'yah/Isaiah . Of course Islam promotes the eating of "Halal Foods" The diety's name Allah is also contained in the ancient Hebrew word for terrorism (ballahah) . With that I will share a Paleo Hebrew amplicication from The Great Scrolls of Yasha’yahu :

On a high mountain you have arrogantly put in place and fashioned , raised up and advocated your own bed and death bier . And indeed, you have quickly become witnesses for, lifting up Allah/the perverse and unrighteous one , killing the living in an act of religious worship to gain the favor of a deity " (Yashayahu / Isaiah 57:7)

Of course this was written way before any Diety named Allah or any slave trader named Muhammad so once again its proof that the Hebrew scriptures are inspired :) Do you think that Yahuweh is making some sighns for us to read ?

"‘Was not ‘Esaw (‘esaw - from ‘asah, ‘ashowq, and ‘adomny to work, to be extorted, to oppress, and to be blood red) a brother of Ya’aqob?’ declares Yahuweh. ‘I love Ya’aqob, and I hate ‘Esaw. I have caused his mountain ranges to be lifeless and desolate , and his inheritance a desert for jackals and serpents .’" (Mal’aky / Malachi 1:2-3)

The Hebrew word for "jackal" and "serpent" is the same, suggesting that while ‘Esaw’s mortal existence would be lifeless, desolate, and impoverished, his eternal destiny would be with serpents-which is to be incarcerated with Satan in the Abyss.

While there are many paths which lead away from Yahweh, most share four things in common-all of which are described in ‘Esaw’s name. Religions are ‘asah: "works based." In Islam, a Muslim earns paradise by killing for Allah. The victims who wander away from God are ‘ashowq: "extorted and oppressed." Such was the case for a thousand years under Catholicism. And man’s religious paths are predominately ‘adomny: "bloody red" and deadly affairs. So, in the name of the one man God says He hates, He has provided a multi-level picture of religion.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Messiyah’s Qur’anic name isn’t Yahushua, but instead Issa, an Arabic transliteration of ‘Esaw. While this mistake proves that the Qur’an wasn’t inspired by God, it also strongly suggests that it was inspired by Satan.



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  3. Islam was predicted in Old testament as הילל בן־שחר Heylel ben Shachar (Lucifer) in Isaiah 14:12. In Arabic, Hilal means cresent moon, and Shachar means dawn. Quran 113:1 "I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn." It's at the top of every mosques and on every Islamic flags.

  4. It is written both ways as Helel and Halal yet in Islam all things good are Halal "On a high mountain you have arrogantly (gaboah - proudly, improperly, and immorally) put in place and fashioned (suwm - made, set up, established, appointed), raised up and advocated (nasa’ - lifted up and supported, praised and borne, desired, respected, honored, and exalted), your own bed and death bier (miskab - place for sexual relations and for cremation of a corpse). And indeed, you have quickly become witnesses for, lifting up Allah/the perverse and unrighteous one (alah - you have exalted, elevated, married, and were carried away by Allah in unrighteousness, error, wickedness, and perversity), killing the living in an act of religious worship to gain the favor of a deity (zabach - slaughtered the living as a sacrifice)." (Yashayahw / Isaiah 57:7)

    "I (‘ani) have also (wa) revealed and exposed (galah - uncovered and laid bare) Allah, the wicked, perverse, unjust, and evil one (alah - the self-exalting and arrogant one who sees himself as the greatest, as the most high; exposing error, injustice, wrongdoing, wickedness, and perversity), and the wide and broad (rahab - vast, boastful, selfish, and greedy) death bier (miskab) which leads to separation and destruction (karat - which cuts people off from the Covenant, separating and banishing them)." (Yashayahw / Isaiah 57:8)


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