Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook Jihad

The Prophet "likes" it

It's not insider information or trade secret that Facebook is the single largest social network on the planet and that it has significantly changed the way many people interact with the world around them. It has intimately connected people from all corners of the earth and really has initiated an new age of global connectedness.

Millions and millions of people make use of personal Facebook profiles everyday. News and media companies have setup shop on Facebook and use it as an additional outlet from which to distribute their content. Some level of Facebook integration is pretty much a "requirement" for any business that has a web presence. Even the loathsome politicians use Facebook to spew their half-baked insanity and propagate their incomprehensible nonsense. 

Facebook is everywhere and you can find just about anything of interest hosted on the platform. People stay "informed" by being members of various pages or groups, and many people spend a great deal of time everyday scanning their news feeds, posting, and doing the "social-networking" thing. Even the US military has taken note of this and expressed a specific interest in Facebook's ability to influence the political narrative and discourse the world over.

History proves that Facebook has the ability to inform the masses, organize large groups of people, influence popular opinion, and change public perception. The fact that Facebok played a key role in the Egyptain revolutionary protests clearly demonstrates the potential Facebook has for being a conduit and mechanism for global change.  

Unreported Facebook War

Battles are being fought everyday against Islamic tyranny. Most people never hear about about them. You won't see any news reports praising the highly dedicated warriors, for the countless, often thankless, hours they have put in doing battle with the Allah crazed Muslims.

Obummer will not drag out his trusty teleprompter and speak eloquently about the many different countries, races, and religions, who stand united against Muhammad's army. He will not hail the sacrifice of those who put their lives at risk to engage in this world-wide campaign. The story might not be being told by anyone of notoriety, but it should be. There is war being fought on Facebook and the terrorists seem to be winning.

Facebook has become increasingly hostile to the "good guys" and have made engaging the enemy extremely difficult. But, that does not change the fact that the outcome is critical to the very survival of the world.  I'm sure, in the minds of some, the idea that a nearly unreported cyber war on  Facebook can be "critical" to the survival of the world might seem like nothing more than the psychotic ramblings of a hysterical and delusional mental patient. It's not hysteria, dramatic effect, detachment from reality, or anything else. It's just the facts of the matter in the year 2011.

Update from the Real World

In 2011, the west has been completely deceived by Islam and purposefully paralyzed by Muslims "striving" in the Prophet's stealth Jihad. Over the course of many decades, western governments have been slowly, methodically, and intentionally subverted by Allah's ninja warriors (Muslim Brotherhood).  It's an undeniable fact that dangerous Muslim subversives sit in places of importance at nearly every level of government, academia, news media, national security, and law enforcement.

This is not fantasy or an overstatement and it was the result of a well thought out plan. Decades ago, Allah's finest manufactured this highly strategic plan for the purpose of eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers and they have been tirelessly working on achieving the desired outcome for as long as I've been alive.

America hosts over 30 universities of higher Jihad, spread out over 22 states, all under the command Sheik Gilani. Gilani boasts to have trained 10,000-15,000 Muslims  to kidnap, hi-jack, engage with military grade weapons, and generate deadly explosions. His followers are taught nearly every terrorist tactic in the book and they are also instructed to "act like you are a friend and then kill him just like in the book". 

As if the problem of the Muslim invasion and subversion isn't enough to handle already, the  useful idiots among us are advocating for our destruction and too many non-idiots simply don't understand what has happened or what Islam is all about.

The vast majority people do not know the truth about Islam and have never sat down to evaluate Islamic "religious" texts or do any investigation into Islam. Ignorance reigns supreme and even the government echoes the Jihadists deceptions.  

Every American needs to understand that we have been infiltrated all the way up to the Presidental advisory level.  Muslims are subversives and Islam mandates they convert, enslave, or kill every last infidel. Every infidel on the planet needs to know that Islam does not mean peace (it means submission), and that the Muslims are trying to enslave the whole of the world in Sharia Law.

There is a relatively small number of people who understand Islam, can effectively explain the situation, and who are actively trying to warn everyone.  Many of them use Facebook as their  primary means of trying to sound the alarm.  


"Anti-Jihadi" is nothing more than the term I like best to describe those individuals who are nothing less than the sworn enemies of everything Islam. An anti-Jihadi is someone who is dedicated to educating the ignorant infidel, directly confronting the infiltrating Muslims, drawing attention to the Jihadist subversion of governments, and advocating the use of all necessary force to bring an abrupt and violent end to the Prophet's Jihad. Anti-Jihadis come from all countries, in all colors, and from what I can tell all religious backgrounds (and even a lack thereof).

Many of the anti-Jihadi's are infidels and former Muslims (like my first apostate friend Pulp Ark), who still live in Muslim countries. These highly valued anti-Jihadi assets wage war from within the heartland of the enemy and some of them, in fact, used to be the enemy. Their participation comes at the cost of great personal risk for potentially terrifying violence and even death.  You simply aren't allowed to be running around talking bad about the Prophet in a Muslim country.

Qur'an (5:33) Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment

Even those anti-Jihadis who don't live in Muslim countries can be exposed to fatwas, death threats, and other forms of Islamic terror or violence. Engaging Muslims on Facebook, even if you live in a western country, can be dangerous. The potential for violence always exists when dealing with the Allah fearing Muslims. I've personally been on the receiving end of death threats and one such threat was serious enough for me to visit my local FBI.

Unfortunately, death threats and the like are not uncommon experience for the anti-Jihadi. If you go after Islam hard enough, directly confront the Muslims, and take on the Islamic deception, you will inevitably start receiving "heart warming" messages of Allah blessings from the Prophet loving Muslims.

FB Jihad

FB Jihad can take many different forms and Muslims employ many different tactics to perpetrate their Allah commanded terrorism. Non-violent FB Jihad may come in the form of Facebook based misinformation campaigns, hacked anti-Jihadi Facebook profiles, trolls on anti-Islam pages, friend list infiltration by deceptive Muslims, and often manifests as highly coordinated and systematic attacks aimed at silencing  those speaking out against Islam.

Non-voilent FB Jihad is always meant to leverage Facebook as a means to distort the reality of Islam, remove the truth about the Muhammadans from the digital landscape, keep the infidels in the dark about the eternal war declared against us, and obfuscate the fact that Islam is attacking every aspect of Western society.  FB Jihad is the Muslim way of doing their Allah best from a cyber perspective to cover up the truth about their intentions and Prophet.

Silencing those telling the truth about Islam on Facebook is an effective strategy for keeping the reality of Islam under wraps and continuing the subversive activities associated with Jihad. The news is not telling the truth, the government is subverted and doesn't know the truth, many in law enforcement are clueless, and if the Muslims can delete the truth from social networks (FB in particular), they will have pretty much squashed or manipulated all the major information sources which could be used to expose their traitorous actions and malicious intents.

On the more violent end of the spectrum, FB Jihad can mean using Facebook to recruit young Muslims for future terror attacks, or to send death threats to the enemies of Islam,  or it can even mean to use Facebook to declare a Palestinian Intifada.

Mass Reporting For Allah 

Mass reporting of the anti-Jihad Faceook profiles is one favorite tactic used to silence those speaking out on Facebook.  A successful attack silences an anti-Jihadi, simultaneously removes critically needed facts about Islam from Facebook, and has the net effect of separating the target from all his/her friends. When your Facebook  is profile is deleted (happened to me twice) you lose everything.  Your notes, pictures, links, comments and everything.  It a horrifying thing in particular if you have spent hundreds of hours researching Islam and then putting together Facebook content as a means to explain to others the danger we are all in.

The practical implementation of this tactic is simple and rudimentary, but it's works very well. The Allah addicts create an FB page, gather up as many other minions as they can, spend time locating the anti-Jihadi pages,  and then they post the profiles to their page and simply "report" them in a continuous and focused effort (as a group) until Facebook deletes the targeted profiles.

By using the reporting feature of Facebook to remove the very people and information which have the capacity to change the average person's perception of Islam, wake them up, and warn them of the invasion, the Muslims have unearthed a tremendous tool for continuing to subvert America (and the West).  I believe it is merely ignorance that is keeping America from standing up to Islam and taking on the Prophet's minions.

The unfortunate truth is that  Facebook is the single most effective way for getting in contact with others in geographically disparate areas.  It's also the most efficient tool for educating the public to the threat we are under and the war has been waged against us for decades.  I personally don't like face book because their nanny policies have cost me so much irritation, time, and lost work, that' I can't stand them.  I only use it because I have to.

The Recent Round of Attacks

This week kicked off with the sudden disappearance of around 50. I was disconnected from Islamic apostates from around the world, and generally fell out of contact with many hard fighting anti-Jihadis.  All week the "find all the friends" scramble has been going.

I personally lost a day of Facebook time pitching in to help people find their lost friends.  Not only did all those people lose everything they've ever put on their facebook profile, all their friends, it has also taken away time from others who are fighting Islam.  It's important that all the anti-Jihadis stay connected, so I don't mind the time I put in to help people find their friends.  I'm just pointing it out to illustrate how highly detrimental the whole FB Jihad thing is to getting the critical information out to those who need it.

Facebook's current policies place Muslims in some kind of protected status.  It's a good thing Facebook was not around when Hilter roamed the earth.  Hitler would have been protected from deletions and given a free pass to spread his murderous ideology.  That precisely what they've done with the nefarious Muslims and their Prophet's genocidal ideology, so why would they have done anything different with the Nazis?

The soft-headed policies of Facebook literally keep people in a state of ignorance, which keeps us fighting in the middle east under misconceptions and deceptions.  These misconceptions and deceptions, which are born of subversive activity, have the effect of restraining the military by producing unfathomable Rules of Engagement for our troops and putting the good guys at risk.

The unquestionable side effects of this mass ignorance are prolonged Middle East wars and an incomprehensible military strategy. Extended war, rooted in a defective and illogical strategy, inherently means additional dead Americans. Our collective ignorance also allows those training for violent Jihad, with the borders of America, to continue to train to murder innocent people.

In fairness to Facebook, other social media networks have been targeted by the Prophet's warriors. YouTube is a prime example. YouTube videos and accounts are constantly being deleted and users suffer from a similar methodology of attack.

At it's ideological core, Islam is an information control cult which leverages violence to enforce it's control. The Islamic doctrine for taking over the world heavily leverages that concept and (as stated) deception is built directly into the very fundamentals of the ideology.  Muslims are attempting to rewrite history and to keep the facts about the war against the west a secret. They are highly adept at this kind of deception as they have been using it for centuries.

The truth is Muslims are having a lot of success at hiding their Jihad and silencing those who are speaking out. The anti-Jihadis do fight back and they keep coming back to continue to fight every time the Prophet's minions are successful. But, the Muslims ability to take out the anti-Jihadis only seems to be getting stronger as the soft-heads continue their self-endangering and belligerent defense of the enemy.

-Fatwa On Islam

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. -George Washington


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