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A quick lesson in Islamic history

By Vienna1683

If you are like most Americans you know very little about Islam or its violent history. Most Americans have never seen a Quran much less read it, nor do they know that in it contains 164 Sura’s (Verses) of violent Jihad, 511 passages of injustice, 384 of intolerance, 320 of cruelty and violence, and 46 insults to women. We have continually been feed propaganda about this Religion of Peace, in the Quran that is called “Kitman” literally “deception”, the purpose of which is to obscure the real truth, so let me clear up a few misconceptions with regard to Muhammad’s progeny and the barbaric and savage ideology they follow.

I must say from the outset that Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace but an all encompassing ideology of hate and intolerance and how did I reach that conclusion? I reached it by looking at Islam’s history from its beginnings in the year 622 AD to the present. It takes only a cursory look at the historical record to arrive at a realization that in its purist form Islam has laid waste to cultures and civilizations throughout its 1500 year existence. It becomes patently evident that Islam never has and never will co-exist with any culture or society. Unfortunately many acredimic historians either out if ignorance, or in deference to their Politically Correct department heads have glossed over or worst yet completely ignored the historical record. With that in mind I will try to give you a concise and factual record of Islam that indisputably shows Islam from its inception to be violent, intolerant and murderous ideology.

In the beginning

The story begins in the year 572 AD that is the year of Muhammad’s birth in the city we now know as Mecca. From 572 until 610 Muhammad was a humble camel driver. He encountered his first brush with death at the age of 25 when the Abyssinians attacked Mecca whereupon the Prophet of Allah cowardly ran away.

Nothing much happened in his life until he received a vision in a cave near Mecca in the year 610; most likely this vision was simply an epileptic fit. From that time forward he began prophesying and preaching until in the year 622 he fled with a hand full of his followers under the threat of death, 200 hundred miles north to the city we now know as Medina. There realizing that he would not be successful in this “Dodge City” of the Arabian Peninsula unless he appealed to its inhabitants who were mostly robbers, thieves and murderers, who preyed on the local Jewish clans, mostly merchants and farmers and the silk road caravans carrying wares from the far east.

Thus he morphed into a political warlord who preached only one gospel “what ever you can steal, by what ever means, you can keep”. The low life’s loved it, his popularity and following grew. Beginning in the year 623 AD he attacked and pillaged all who opposed him. He personally beheaded 600 defeated warriors of a rival Jewish tribe. The young boys were checked for pubic hair and if they were shown to have any they followed the fate of their fathers, their wives and daughters were raped and sold into slavery. For the next 9 years until his death he never looked back. To quote Osama Bin Laden; “Our prophet…did not remain three months in Medina without raiding or sending a raiding party into the infidels to beat down their strongholds and seize their possessions, their lives and their women.”

Spreading the word, Scimitar in one hand, Quran in the other It was in 635 AD, three years after Muhammad’s death, that the hordes of the Crescent Moon invaded Christian Syria and Palestine. In 638 they took Jerusalem. In 640 after conquering Persia, Armenia and Mesopotamia, they over ran Christian Egypt and Maghreb, present day Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and in 668 they laid siege for fives years to the ancient capital of Byzantium, Constantinople, they failed in this first attempt but as history shows they would succeed later in a blood bath of unparalleled ferocity and brutal savagery. The year 711 finds Islamic armies crossing the Straits of Gibraltar taking possession of Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula where they remained until Queen Isabella finally drove them out seven centuries later, in the year that Columbus discovered America.

Whoever believes in the myth of “peaceful co-existence” that supposedly marks the relationship of the conquered to the conquerors, an idea which is perpetuated by Muslim propagandist organizations such as C.A.I.R, MSA and ITNA and swallowed hook line and sinker by naïve and ignorant acredimic historians, would do well to reread the stories of the burned convents and monasteries, the defaced Churches, the raped nuns and the Christian and Jewish women carted off and locked away in Muslim harems. They should ponder on the crucifixions of Cordoba. The hangings of Granada, the beheadings of Toledo and Barcelona, of Seville and Zamora, they should contemplate king Mutamid who used the severed heads of Jews and Christians to adorn his palace. Perhaps the acredimic frauds who laud the vizier Almanzor as the so called “patron of the philosophers”, the “greatest leader that Islamic Spain ever produced”, should consider the fact that under his reign invoking the name of Jesus meant instant execution by crucifixion, beheading, impalement or hanging! The same fate awaited those who rang church bells, wore green, a color reserved exclusively for Muslims or who forgot to bow and step aside for a passing Muslim.

The year 721 finds the armies of the Crescent Moon descending from the Pyreneans Mountains into French Christendom. Led by the Governor of Andalusia, Abd al-Rahman, they invaded the city of Narbonne where they massacred the entire male population raped the women and enslaved the children. From there they proceeded to Carcassonne, Nimes and finally to Lyons and Dijon, in each of these cities they continued rape and pillage. Friars were hacked to death and nuns raped on church altars after which the churches were burnt to the ground. Eleven years later with 380,000 infantry and 16,000 cavalry they reached Bordeaux and from there in 732 they marched on Poiters and Tours whereupon they met their match in the Frankish King Charles Martel who in the great battle of Tours defeated the Islamic hordes. Today every Islamist bemoans the loss of that battle and has vowed to return and avenge their defeat. They are making good progress toward that goal!

In 827 they landed in Sicily, massacring, beheading, impaling, and crucifying their way through Syracuse, Taormina, Messina and Palermo. The brave Sicilians resisted for 75 years but in the end surrendered to Islam, the Muhammadens stayed for two centuries until they were ejected by the Normans. Not to be deterred in there jihadist cause they landed in Brindisi in 836 marched on Bari and by 841 they had landed at Ancona. In the summer of 846 they took Ostia whereupon they sacked and burned it to the ground and then moved up river from the mouth of the Tiber reaching Rome shortly thereafter. Laying siege to the great city they finally breached the defenders lines, sacking and plundering the basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul.

In order to prevent the complete destruction of Rome Pope Sergius II agreed to pay a Jizya tax (tribute) of twenty five thousand pieces of silver annually. Having left Rome, their pockets full of ill begotten booty the armies of Muhammad descended on Campania where they stayed for seventy five years while destroying Montecassino and Salerno, a city where they amused themselves by sacrificing a nun’s virginity every night on the cathedral’s altar. In 898 they landed in Saint Tropez settling there before crossing the Alps to enter Piedmont where they killed thousands of Christians in the cities of Turin and Casale. Soon after they reached the Graubünden Valley and the shores of Lake Geneva!

In the academic world and in the press these days it is fashionable to beat our breast in repentance for supposed Christian injustices perpetuated by the Crusades. Oh those poor innocent victimized Muslims. But before you go off believing these acredimic falsehoods and Muslim propaganda remember this, the Crusades were a counter offensive in response to four centuries of Islamic invasions and occupation by the Muslims! It was not your aunt Sally who invaded Jerusalem in the 7th century, the most revered and holy city in Christendom, the location of the Holy Sepulchre, burning and sacking it and who built a Mosque on the ashes of the Temple Mount, it was the sons of Allah!

The 14th century to the 20th

In 1356, eighty four years after the Eighth Crusade, the new representatives of Muhammad, we know them as Turks, took the Gallipolian Peninsula from which they launched their drive to conquer all of Europe and the Caucasus from the east. In a blink of an eye they invaded Thrace, Macedonia and Albania. They subdued greater Serbia and lay siege to Constantinople once again for five years. By 1444 they secured Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, Bulgaria and Romania, in 1453 they again attacked Constantinople and this time they finally succeeded in overrunning this capital of eastern Christendom. On May 29th the city fell to the Turkish butcher Mehmet II.

For those Islamic appeasers who weep for the Muslims and not the millions of Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhist who were slaughtered at the hands of the Islamist it would be Politically Incorrect the mention the details of the fall of Constantinople but since I prefer the facts and the truth to lies, deception and academic fraud, here goes! The inhabitants of the besieged city awoke that morning to the thunderous shelling of the Theodosius walls; they took refuge in the cathedral of St. Sophia singing psalms. The patriarch celebrates his last mass by candlelight telling the fearful crowds “fear not, my brothers and sisters! Tomorrow you’ll be in the Kingdom of Heaven and your names will survive till the end of time!” meanwhile the Ottoman troops had breached the fallen walls and after hacking to death the defenders with their scimitars they burst into the church beheading everyone even the newborns, they entertained themselves by snuffing out the candles using the severed heads of the newborns.

That massacre lasted all day and did not stop until the Grand Vizier stood in the pulpit of St. Sophia and said; “rest, now this temple belongs to Allah!” All the while as this was happening the Muslim Turks burned the city, crucifying, hanging and impaling the citizenry, raping and butchering the nuns, four thousand in a few hours, putting the survivors in chains and hauling them off to the slave markets of Ankara. Mehmet II now drunk with victory and wines from Cyprus sent for the first born of the Greek Orthodox Grand Duke Notaras, a fourteen year old boy and in front of everyone raped him; he had a soft spot for pretty young boys, so much for the Islamic prohibition against homosexuality! After he was finished he sent for the boy’s family, his parents, uncles, nieces and grandmother and before this boy’s very eyes he beheaded all of them.

Not to be outdone by his trumpet at Constantinople, three years later Mehmet II conquered Athens burning and looting, destroying churches and building Mosques on their ashes. Muslims would hold Greece for four hundred years. By 1476 the Islamic armies had advanced into the Isonzo Valley and on July 28th the army of Ahmet Pasha lay siege to Otranto taking it in two weeks whereupon they repeated their Constantinople victory celebration by beheading the Archbishop and all the priests, abducted all the beautiful women throwing them to the soldiers and as for all the rest they, in topical Muslim barbaric fashion, killed and enslaved them.

During the century to follow the Ottoman Empire was taken over by a nice follow named Selim the Grim, he ascended to the Ottoman throne by virtue of fratricide, that is he strangled two brothers and five nephews. From the loins of Selim the Grim was born Suleyman the Magnificent whose grand scheme was to create the “Islamic State of Europe” with this in mind from now Islamized Romania in 1526 he launched an attack against Catholic Hungary which unfortunately for the indigenous population fell in forty eight hours. Upon reaching Buda, present day Budapest, he in usual fashion put it to the torch sending one hundred thousand of its residents, men women and children to the slave markets of Constantinople now renamed Istanbul. In the following year the bazaar’s and slave markets of Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and Algiers saw three million Hungarians sold into slavery and debauchery, a fact little known or ignored by Islamic apologists and boot licking academics.

After a failed attempt to take Christian Austria in 1529 he retreated to Istanbul but not before impaling thirty thousand peasants whom he deemed unsuitable for the slave markets of the Middle East! Back in Istanbul he entrusted the reform of his navy to the famous pirate Khayr Ad Din known as Barbarossa, Red Beard. Red Bread made the Mediterranean a watery grave for many a merchantman. Barbarossa also made it possible for Suleyman the Magnificent to, in 1565 descend on the Christian stronghold of Malta. Suleyman died of a heart attack in 1566 and was replaced by his third son” Selim the Sot” who with the help of General LaLa Mustafa conquered Christian Cyprus. It is here in 1571 that one of the most infamous incidents of human debauchery can be laid at the feet of Sons of Allah. Paul Fregosi in his book ‘Jihad’ enumerates: “After signing the surrender terms the Governor of the island Marcantonio Bragadino went to LaLa Mustafa to discuss peace terms. And, being a stickler for form, he arrived in full pomp.

That is, mounted on an exquisitely turned-out steed and wearing the Senate violet robes. In addition, he was escorted by forty harquebusiers in uniform and by a strikingly handsome page boy Antonio Quirini who held a parasol over Bragadino’s head…according to a prearranged plan Mustafa’s Janissaries seized the boy and locked him into the seraglio where Mustafa deflowered the boy with even greater gusto than Mehmet II. Mustafa’s Janissaries then surrounded the harquebusiers and hacked them to death with their scimitars. Finally they unhorsed Bragadino and forthwith sliced off his nose and ears.” Fregosi goes on to regale us with the story of a bloodied Bragadino being forced to kneel before this monster Mustafa who orders him to be flayed.

The flaying took place thirteen days later, in the presence of the Cypriot population which had been compelled to attend. While Mustafa looked on his Janissaries made Bragadino carry bags of rubbish around town licking the ground every time he passed before LaLa Mustafa. Then the final torture he was flayed and died on the spot. LaLa Mustafa commanded that the body of Bragadino be stuffed with straw whereupon the stuffed puppet was put upon a cow and circled around town one more time before being hoisted atop the mainmast of his flagship, to the perpetual glory of Islam!

By the end of the 17th century the Ottoman Empire was posed to implement Suleyman the Magnificent’s dreams of an “Islamic State of Europe” In 1683 the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa amassed an enormous army consisting of six hundred thousand soldiers, thousands of cannons, forty thousand horses, twenty thousand camels, one hundred thousand sacks of corn and fifty thousand bags of coffee plus one hundred wives and concubines. He marched on Vienna! The Europeans who were far smarter now began preparing to defend the capitol, which they saw as the bulwark of Christianity. From lands far and wide, Englishmen, Spaniards, Germans, Ukrainians, Poles and Italians, with the exception of the French who by the “Treaty of Alliance” signed by Louis XIV had been fornicating with the Muslims for many years, something they seem not to be able to stop even to this day. The French managed to stay neutral!

The Europeans formed a defensive line at the gates of Vienna and in stunning and extraordinary victory sent Kara Mustafa packing back to Istanbul but not before; to prevent his wives and concubines from falling into the hands of the infidel dogs he slit their throats one by one. Interestingly enough this battle took place on September 11, 1683. From this point on the fortunes of the Muslim Ottoman Empire were on the decline and after aligning themselves with the losing side in World War I their empire slowly faded away but not before one last Muslim hurray. The Empire’s last claim to fame came between 1896 and 1920 when the Turks ethnically cleansed and exterminated 1.2 million Christian Armenians. By some accounts they crucified on crosses sixty thousand Armenians a month between 1910 and 1920.

The Crescent Moon rises in the east

As we have seen Muslim invaders began moving west soon after the death of Muhammad in 632 AD, barely 100 years after the Prophets demise the armies of Islam stretched from the Arabian Peninsula to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

But that was just one half of the world picture, in those ensuing one hundred years Muslims moved east, conquering the Indian subcontinent. In the process they slaughtered 80 million Hindus and 10 million Buddhists. Not to mention the enslavement of millions. In the early 7th century Islamic eyes fell on Hind and Sind, which is to say the Indian Subcontinent. The Caliph Umar sent the first raiding expeditions in the year 634 AD. By 653 AD the Arab general Abdul Rahman had attacked and raised Kabul killing thousands of ‘infidels’ in the process. The heyday of Arab power was in the early 8th century. Wherever Muslim armies went they earned success and collected spoils. Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah Farishtah, the 17th century historian is quoted as saying: “The conquest of Sind took place at the very time in which, at the opposite extremes of the known world, the Muhammaden armies were subjugating Spain, and pressing on the southern frontier of France, while they were adding Khwarizm to their already mighty empire.”

What many in the west do not understand and Islamic acredimic apologists refuse to teach is that while Buddhist adore only one Buddha, Christians only Jesus, Hindus worship millions of gods and goddesses this makes them ‘kafir’ number one on the Islamic hit list, they are enemy number one of Islam. Nothing symbolizes more the absolute belligerence of Muslims toward Hindus than the Hindu Kush. Historically, the passes across the Afghan mountains such as the Khyber were known as the Hindu Kush. They have been of great military significance, providing access to the northern plains of India for foreign invaders, starting with Alexander the Great in 327 BC, to Taimurlane in 1398 AD, and from Mahmud of Ghazni in 1001 AD to Nader Shah in 1739 AD. In Persian, the word “Kush” is derived from the verb “Kushtar” which means ‘to slaughter’, this is a reference to all the Hindus who died in those mountains, the word literally means “Kills the Hindus” a reminder of the days when, by the thousands, Hindus slaves from the Indian Subcontinent perished in the harsh Afghan mountains while being marched to the Muslim slave markets of Central Asia.

I will not belabor the point regarding the horrible brutality that this “Religion of Peace” wrought on the Hindus and Buddhists of the Indian Subcontinent for there are 80 or 90 million stories, but here as a summery of this Muslim debauchery, brutality and depravity is a story which sums it up. The raids of the Sultan of Ma’bar as told by Ibn Battuta (C. 1345 AD); “In the morning, the Hindus who had been made prisoners the day before were divided into four groups, and each of these was led to one of the four gates of the main enclosure. There they were impaled on the posts they had themselves carried. Afterwards their wives were butchered and tied to the stakes by their hair. The children were massacred on the bosoms of their mothers, and their corpses left there. Then they struck camp and started cutting trees in another forest, and all the Hindus who were made captive were treated in the same manner.”


It is said that nothing reveals the future more clearly than a study of the past. Thus Islamic past history reveals clearly an ideology which has only one single minded goal; world domination at any cost! Keep in mind that Islam was stopped at the gates of Vienna only some 325 years ago, it was defeated by determined Western societies, intent on preserving their heritage and cultures and possessed of better military and economic prowess. But now, today the tables seem to be turned. Western societies seem to be engulfed in an orgy of self immolation, and destructive guilt. The west has grown lazy and complacent while Islam is flush with petro dollars and all the advantages of modern technology.

Islam has risen out of the ashes of its once enormous empire and is busy reconstructing its dream of a world wide Islamic confederation “Umma”. Europe is being engulfed and will soon morph, if it has not already into Eurabia. Islam’s two most effective weapons political correctness/multiculturalism and wombs of their veiled women! In closing, in an attempt to shine the light of reality on Islam’s intentions for the west and the world I would like to direct your attention to the words of Al Hakim aka George Habash the founder of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”, Habash is quoted by investigative reporter Oriana Fallaci in an interview as follows: “Habash explained to me that the Arab’s enemy was not Israel alone; it was the whole West”. Further she quotes him: “Our revolution is a part of the world revolution. It is not confined to the reconquest of Palestine”. He said: “The time has come to admit that we want a war like the war in Vietnam.

That we want another Vietnam, and not only for Palestine but for all Arab countries! The Palestinian problem is not an aside problem. A problem separated from the Arab Nation’s realities. Palestinians are part of the Arab Nation.

Therefore the entire Arab nation must go to war against Europe and America. It must unleash a war against the West. And it will. America and Europe don’t know that we Arabs are just at the beginning of the beginning. That the best has yet to come; that from now on there will be no peace for the West.” He concluded with this statement: “To advance step by step, millimeter by millimeter, year after year, decade after decade, determined, stubborn and patient. This is our strategy, a strategy that we shall expand throughout the whole planet!” I leave you with this invective shouted from mosque minarets the world over:

Saturday First
Sunday Next
Death to America


The Unbeliever

I will NOT submit to Islam!

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