Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Open Letter to All New Converts to Islam

By Al-Mansur

Assalaammualaikum, Praise be to Allah.

Now that you have believed in the True Religion, it is time for you to have a deeper understanding of Islam. It is my most sincere wish that you make your Muslim cleric, friend or spouse who helped you ‘revert to Islam’ proud and pleasantly surprised by your knowledge in Islam and by how fast you can come to having the correct views of a true believer. Remember, the only correct perspective in this world, is a Muslim’s.

The first step of achieving this (if you have not already done so) is to stop asking them irritating questions such as what is Islam’s stand on 9/11, killings of Christians, Hindus etc. in Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, southern Philippines, Kashmir etc. thereby forcing him to repeat for the umpteenth time that “Islam means Peace” and that “These Killers are not Real Muslims”.

Remember that you are a Muslim now. Instead of causing him to waste his time lying to you when he has a lot of other better things to do, such as lying to another potential convert, you should be helping him attend to and guide the infinite number of potential converts. Remember … you are no longer a customer but an employee now. Thus, the advertisements and sales presentations are no longer meant for you [Anyway all your answers are found in the Quran, so read it yourself]

I would encourage you to have faith in yourself and never underestimate your potential just because you are a new convert. Tariq ibn Ziyad and Khalid ibn Al-Walid who led Muslim excursions into other people’s countries to conquer, pillage, rape and did other great things for Islam were new converts when they started off in their careers. I regret however, that prior to converting, they were part of the armies who resisted Islam. But anyhow, they and their infidel compatriots became Muslims after some “prompting” and “persuasion”. All’s well that end’s well.

Let me share with you some other baby steps as a New Muslim to make your Muslim proselyter proud:

1) Propagate Islam

You have found the truth and it is Allah’s will that others should know the truth. Allah in his infinite wisdom has provided the most ingenious method of converting unbelievers. You can start of with just a sword (so long as it is sharp enough to separate body parts, it will do). This method is FAST, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, COST EFFICIENT and not to mention COMPELLING. For more details, please see the Quran and the Hadiths.

How much time, effort and money have Ahmad Deedat and Jeremiah McAuliffe spent just to win a handful of converts? Using the method in the Quran, Muhammad (peace be upon him… coz’ if you’re non-Muslim, it’s rest in peace) and his Companions had Islam in Spain within less than a century. Praise be to Allah.

2) You are at War against Unbelievers

Don’t’ forget that it’s okay that these infidels die because they only THINK that their religion is true whereas you KNOW that yours is true.

[For more information see Shaykh Sa’eed ibn Wahf al-Qahtaani’s The Levels of Jihaad - Its merits and the reason for gaining victory over enemies © 1997 The Invitation to Islam, UK at]

3) Kill the Apostates

For this is the will of Allah. After all, wouldn’t you expect your “brothers and sisters in Islam” to do the same for you should you change your mind about Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and you renouncing Islam, is just bad for business. No offence.

Anyway, as Muslims always say “Islam is the most …. if not the only logical religion”. Any village idiot would know that. If you do not have the common sense to see this, you truly deserve to be shot.

4) Champion the cause of Muslims and Islam in the country that you live

If you’re from the UK, support Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens campaign for public funding of Muslim schools in Britain. This only seems fair. Although Britain is officially a Christian country it has a growing Muslim minority whereas Saudi Arabia which is officially a Muslim country, does not have a Christian minority. (Saudi Arabia has already exterminated and expelled their Christians and Jews centuries ago)

One should NOT ONLY discourage public funding of Christian schools in say Pakistan, but should have Christian schools abolish altogether. This is because these schools make ready targets of non-Muslim children for PEACE-LOVING Muslims.

5) Champion the Cause of Muslims Worldwide

For example, be supportive of the Palestinian cause (as oppose to just showing sympathy for Palestinians like many Westerners). Death to Israel !!! A million martyrs shall march on Jerusalem !!! After all, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has declared war on the Jews and killed as well as raped them many centuries before the formation of the State of Israel.

The Kurds, like the Palestinians are stateless, predominantly Sunni Muslims, have stayed in their land for centuries, have their political aspirations suppressed, have thousands of their innocent civilians killed by chemical weapons (oops, I’m sorry this is applicable to the Kurds only). But who the hell cares so long as it is done by brother Muslims, right?

6) If you’re A Woman, please be supportive of your Muslim husband

If he was to subdue your unbelieving neighbours/friends/family members and thereafter proceed to have sexual intercourse with the women (that may include your sisters, sister-in-laws and best friends), this does not mean that he is unfaithful or that he does not love you (and his other wives, as the case may be). Don’t’ forget to tell him to ejaculate into them pursuant to Muhammad’s advice.


Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri that while he was sitting with Allah's messenger we said, "Oh Allah's messenger, we got female captives as our booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?"  The prophet said, "Do you really do that?  It is better for you not to do it.  No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence."


Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri that during the battle with Bani Al-Mustaliq they (Muslims) captured some females and intended to have sexual relations with them without impregnating them.  So they asked the prophet about coitus interruptus.  The prophet said, "It is better that you should not do it, for Allah has written whom He is going to create till the Day of Resurrection". Qaza'a said, "I heard Abu Said saying that the prophet said, "No soul is ordained to be created but Allah will create it.""

God’s laws are higher than man’s.

[Note : If you are a Woman Convert, don’t be discouraged just because the Special Incentive Package for martyrs (i.e. 72 virgins in Paradise with a lifetime warranty of renewable virginity) does not benefit you. If it’s any consolation, remember Islam respects and liberates women. What has your previous religion done for you?]

Remember Islam First, Humanity Second.


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