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Religion of Rape

From Counter Jihad Knights

All the rapist cowards of the world have the perfect religion just waiting for them. Let me know if you can find any other “religion” or philosophy in the world that treats women as second rate objects like Islam. DAILY there are reports from all around the world of multiple women raped, and often times gang raped. This is done without regard to age and even though Muslims refuse to admit it, regardless of sex.

Muslim rape gangs are so prevalent in European nations that women are terrified are going outside at night. These sickos actually believe they’re doing the right thing by raping non-believers. Muslim on Muslim rape is a regular occurrence as well. Used as a tool for forced conversion to Islam, more often then not, the victims are jailed for being raped unless they agree to marry their rapist.

Bottom line, women it would seem, are subhuman in the eyes of Muslim men. Follow below for a heartbreaking, must read account, of the rape of boys and girls by Muslims.

Muslim mobs rape children while crying, "Allah is Great!"

From Slaves Today

I am sick at heart. One of our long time readers from Indonesia sent me an e-mail of a testimony written by a young woman who, along with her family, endured a nightmare. After reading it, I was numb. There was a delayed reaction. Fifteen minutes later I cried out hard and loud. Because I attempt to expose the works of darkness, I am often called a hatemonger. In our article on Islam I noted that Muhammad had a 9 year old wife who he took to bed. I also noted that he got wealth for his religion by killing (even during peace time) and plundering. It is also taught that there are women chained in paradise for men's pleasure. What you are about to read is totally consistent with what I know about Islam. Someone will e-mail me and tell me it isn't so, but it is. The world recoils from Muslim countries like Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq. I saw a clip on world news where 5 year old kids were shouting that they would commit suicide in "holy" war against the U.S. The kids looked hateful and deadly serious. Exceeding strange.

Reading this reminds us that we are entering perilous times. Some may say, "They've been perilous a long time, Tracy." I'm not talking about status quo persecution, my friend. Jesus said that in the very last days, this world will be worse than at ANY time in history. There will be levels of evil previously unknown. We are going into new territory. These are also exciting times for the return of the Lord draweth ever nigh.

Gracious reader, open your eyes and see what people are going through at the hands of Islam. The victim's account you are about to read will touch you. Determine that you will walk circumspectly redeeming the time for the days are evil.

So many people complain about hell. Well, I for one am GLAD that God is just. The wicked will not go unpunished. Their reward awaits them in the lake of fire. I'm GLAD God is Righteous and I'm GLAD His name is Holy. Yes, I love every aspect of God. I don't take Him in part. I embrace all that He is--Saviour and Judge.

One last thought. As I wept over this thing it came into my mind that God sees each and every reprobate work of man. He saw every second of this tragedy and similar tragedies all over the world. I don't care if it is dark as midnight God sees it like noonday. Everything is exposed and naked to Him. Silly Wiccans dancing naked under the moonlight worshipping some trees and animals, sicko Satanists sacrificing kids, adults and animals, a man committing adultery on his wife, a foolish girl giving up her virginity to a boy that hates her, child abuse, a doctor tearing a living child limb from limb during an abortion, criminals squalling and torturing each other, a deacon looking at some porno...the scenarios go on and on. You can best believe that the accounts will be settled in that last day--time will not always exist my friends.

I received this comment from a brother who was reared in a Muslim family. It was written in response to the article you are about to read:

Dear Tracy,
Keep up the good work on your web site. I find it infuriating and heart renching to hear things like this ( I was brought up in a muslim family, and I can tell you from experience that this is the way it is all of the time. Even from my own family I received psychological torture (not to mention physical). I praise God for bringing me out of bondage and setting me free, and giving me explosive vision and joy.

Read this and forward to all friends. Do pray for them and for us !!!

Subject: Jakarta Situation

Dear friends,

Please forward this "Yellow Ribbon" to all friends around the world to show our solidarity and sympathy for the victims of the riots and chaos in Indonesia last May 13-15. Many Chinese Indonesian citizens were abused, tortured and killed. Their houses and stores were looted and burnt.

Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls/women (aged 10-55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd. Some of them were even thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped. Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened. Please help to spread the news and let the world know. We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia.


Source: Christian Leaders Association 21 June, 1998. Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear friends,

Here I submit a victim's account of being raped during the May riots here in Jakarta. Reference to Huaran Bulletin Board June 12, 1998. The purpose is to request your prayers for hundreds of similar victims.

"My name is Vivian, and I am 18 years old. I have a little sister and brother. As a family we live in what is supposed to be a "secure" apartment. At 9.15 am, May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, "Let's butcher the Chinese!", "Let's eat pigs!", "Let's have a party!" We live of the 7th floor and we got a call from a family on the 3rd floor saying that the crowd had reached the 2nd floor. They even chased some occupants upstairs. We were all very frightened. In our fright we prayed and left everything in God's hands. Afterward we left our room and went upstairs to the top floor, as it was impossible to go downstairs and escape.

We got to the 15th floor and stayed with some friends. Not long afterwards we were surprised because some of the crowd coming out of the elevators right before we entered the room. We hurried into the room and locked the door tightly. At that time we heard them knock at the other rooms loudly and there were some screams from women and girls. Our room was filled with fear. We realized that they would come to us. So we spread throughout the room hiding in the corners.

We could hear girls of 10 to 12 years old screaming, "Mommy, mommy... mom... mom... it hurts" That time I didn't know that these little girls were being raped. After about half an hour the noise diminished and we had some guts to go out and check. It was indescribable. A lot, some of them young girls, were lying on the floor. "Oh my God, what has happened?" Seeing all of this we screamed and my little sister Fenny, screamed hysterically and hugged her father.

Tears started coming down from my eyes. With our friends, a newly-wed couple, we started going downstairs. Reaching the 10th floor, we heard a scream for help. The scream was very clear and we decided to go down and see. But as we turned we saw a lot of people. I saw a woman in her 20s being raped by 4 men. She tried to fight back but she was held down tightly. Realizing the danger we ran as hard as we could. But unfortunately the mob caught Fenny. We tried to rescue her, but could not do anything.

There were about 60 of them. They tied us up with ripped sheets, myself, my father, my mother Fenny, Donny, UncleDodi and my Aunt Vera. They led us to a room. Uncle Dodi asked what they wanted, but they did not reply. They looked evil and savage. One of them grabbed Fenny roughly and dragged her to a sofa. At that time I knew she was in great danger. I screamed loudly but one of the mob slapped me in my face. My father who also screamed was hit with a piece of wood and he fainted. My mother has fainted when Fenny was dragged to the sofa.

I could only pray and pray that disaster would not befall us. Uncle Dodi kept trying to stop them by offering money. His efforts were fruitless. And in the end 5 people raped Fenny. Before beginning with the raping they always said "Allahu Akbar" (an islamic phrase in arabic meaning "God is great". They were ferocious and brutal.

Not long afterward, around 9 men came to the room and dragged me. I also saw them forcing and dragging my Aunt Vera. But at that time I passed out and everything went blank. I became conscious at around 5 or 6 pm. My head hurted and I realized I had no clothing on my body. I cried and realized my family was still there. My father was hugging my mother and little bother Doni. I also saw uncle Dodi lying on the floor and Aunt Vera was crying over his body. I felt so weak and fainted again.

The next day I was in the Pluit hospital. My father and mother were beside me. With all the pains on my body I asked, "Mom, why Fenny. Mom?" I felt a stinging pain as I said these words. My cheeks were swollen. My mother cried again and couldn't speak any words, while my father, holding back his tears, managed to smile at me. After 4 days in treatment, my condition has improved. With a sad look, my father told me then what had happened.

After I fainted 7 people raped me. At that time my father still couldn't see well after being hit with a piece of wood. They raped me repeatedly. Then my father said "Vivian, Fenny is gone..." I was confused and cried out, "Why Dad?" My father couldn't answer. He told me to rest and went out of the room. I cried over and over again, feeling that my life had no meaning any more.

A week ago, after I was released from the hospital I was told everything that had happened. When Fenny was raped she kept on fighting and so she was repeatedly slapped by her rapists. The last time she fought Fenny spitted on one of them. Offended, the man grabbed a knife and stabbed Fenny's stomach over and over again. Finally she died with blood over her whole body.

My father told me that uncle Dodi had the same fate watched by aunt Vera who was also raped. "God...why should all of this happen? Where are you God? Are you still alive?" My aunt Vera now stays with her parents. She is in shock. Her face is blank and refuses to eat. Almost every hour my mother and I cry over all these happenings. I can never forget. These mobs of people are uncivilized monsters."

Additional comments from Bill Hekman: This is one of many victims. Hundreds of women and children were raped, mutilated and killed by Muslim mobs. Some had their vaginas ripped apart, their bodies cut into pieces. Over 5000 of the Chinese Indonesian's shops were looted and burned down. A few days ago anther 63 shops were burned in Tegal, Central Java. The city of Solo is burned down. There is no protection and no justice in this country any more.

Yesterday I was in the Kelapa Gading area and that area was spared from destruction. The police and military had guarded all the entry roads. The people there had collected large sums of money from door to door and paid for their protection. A similar situation took place in the Pondok Indah area. For the people who cannot pay millions to the armed forces there is no protection.

Right now the hundreds of thousands of thugs, robbers, rapist, and killers live all around us. They are our neighbors. There is no punishment for the criminals and no justice for the victims. Yet, all Indonesians call themselves believers in God almighty. What a hypocrisy. Shouting "God is great" when raping women and children is a blasphemy against a Holy God. Pray that God will anoint His preachers and missionaries throughout this nation with the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the message of repentance. God's word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 needs to be proclaimed boldly.

There is no room for preachers filled with fear who think of evacuation and other selfish plans. Pray for Revival in all our churches. Some Christians are putting signs on their shops "Owned by Muslim". May God forgive them. Healing of this nation filled with crime and unjustice is bringing God's judgement and punishment. Healing and Salvation can only come with a national repentance at all levels in the government, armed forces and society.

Then we need to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the One and Only Savior. No one will ever receive forgiveness and see heaven except through God's appointed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for standing with us now. God bless you. In His grace, follow a child..., a child's world is made of spirits and miracles. We sometimes think that children should follow us, listen to us, become like us. Follow a child closely for an hour not to teach or to discipline, but to learn and to laugh. -sark-

Rape of Unbelievers in Islam
Mindset of Pakistanis favouring 1971 Genocide
By Abul Kasem

This re-count starts when I was in Thailand in 1973 to do my post graduate studies in Engineering. The Institution was AIT and being an international institution for post graduate study there were students from many parts of the world, though the majority were from the Asian countries. There was sizable number of Bangladeshi as well as Pakistani and Indian students. Bangladesh was just liberated and most of us still had the fresh memories of the holocaust and never expected the Pakistanis to be friendly with us. But to our surprise, we found that most Pakistanis were quite nice a bunch of friendly helpful people. They were extremely curious about what had happened in Bangladesh during that turbulent nine-month period.

Many a time we used to have lengthy chat sessions with them. These Pakistanis were extremely religious. And they used to preach on us on all aspects of the last revelations of God, that is Islam. They used to think that our knowledge of Islam was incomplete, erroneous and filled with Hindu practices. They used to preach on us like a priest gives sermons on the followers. Their devotion to Islam was so strong that they forced the canteen manager to open counter for Muslim students so that they (the Muslims) can eat the food sanctioned by Islam. Naturally, many Bangalees who are religious minded were greatly impressed by their words and practices. But a sinner like me was very skeptical about their words and actions right from the very beginning.

Then came the topic of creation of Bangladesh. Naturally, they sided with the Pak army although they expressed sorrow for the lives lost. When they heard that 3 million people were massacred and that the action of Pak army cannot be dismissed simply as an act of restoration of peace and order they simply laughed. The reason was that they did not believe what had happened to our people in occupied Bangladesh. When we asked them how many Bangalees were killed, they quoted a figure of 3,000 or to that order. They also insisted that those killed were mostly Hindus so we should not bother too much about the massacre. That was to say that the killing of Hindus was all right. We pointed out that the figure of 3 million was not invented by the Government of Bangladesh but the figure was from reliable foreign sources such as AFP, Reuters, Time magazine, etc. We also told them that a Pakistani journalist by the name of Anthony Mascarenhas has written a book titled ‘The Rape of Bangladesh’ where he had quoted a similar figure. The Pakistanis simply dismissed those facts and said that the foreign journalists were bribed by India to write these figures. When we asked them how did they get the figure of 3,000, they said that that figure was released by the military authorities. And how about the 200, 000 rape cases? They were adamant that not a single woman was raped. Such is the power of Pak oligarchy and Pak military to condition peoples’ mind.

Now, the interesting point was that whenever the atrocities of the Pak army were mentioned to them, they were all adamant that we (the Bangalees) are to blame for that. Why? Simply because we were not good Muslims. How? If we were good Muslims, we should not have voted for the Awami League. They told us that the right parties to vote were Pakistan Muslim League or Jamat-i-Islami. It was no secret to guess that most Pakistanis considered us (Bangalees) as non Muslims as almost all of us voted for Awami League. Therefore they opined that the genocide was not really a genocide! It was getting rid of the non-Muslims. After all, they (the non-Muslims) were not really human beings.

Everyone knows that Thailand and especially Bangkok has plenty of seedy joints to have fun and frolic with young women. I shall admit that I went to one of those joints along with a couple of friends of mine. Being a sinner I did not have serious problem with those things. However, one day we got the shock of our lives when we found these Pakistani Islamists sitting comfortably and blithely at the massage parlour and ogling at the scantily dressed amorous Thai sex kittens. Then they saw us. To our surprise, they expressed no shame or they even did not try to hide their faces. They openly welcomed us and shook hands with us as per Islamic style. We were simply stunned and lost for any word. The Pakistanis even told us which girls were good and sexually attractive, etc. etc. They were not ashamed or afraid to admit that they visited those joints quite frequently. Most of them had their favourite girls with whom they had plenty of erotic fun. Those things were unbelievable to me and I thought that I must have been in Mars or another planet or that God has changed his mind on sins and virtues.

After a few weeks, an opportunity came for me to ask one of these Islamists as to what would happen to them since they have committed the sin of zina. They were very surprised at me for this impertinence. He told me that they have committed no sin. What? No sin! My brain must have failed to work! I simply could not hold my breath any longer to listen to what they had to say. He told me that Thais were not Muslims; so having fun with their girls were all right. In fact, he told me that that had been the practice in Islam for centuries. Whenever the Muslims defeated the non-Muslims, they could do whatever they (the Muslims) wanted with the non-Muslims. The Muslims can use the non-Muslim women as sex slaves and please themselves as they wished. A Muslim even had the right to kill the women if he wished. In simple language the non-Muslims were not really human beings. They (the non-Muslims) were inferior even to cattle and animals. Moreover, the Pakistani told me that the Prophet had allowed to have sex if a man is living overseas. I could not believe of what I was hearing! He then quoted me from his memory many verses from Koran and Hadith to support his views. Then I reminded my Pakistani friend that there was quite a small minority of Muslims in Thailand. So, if by accident he had sex with one of the Thai Muslim prostitutes what will befall him. He answered glibly, “No problem.” When I return to Pakistan I shall have a Milad Mehfil and ask for forgiveness. Finally, the Hajj is there for him to receive the forgiveness. But he said that that might not be necessary because he was very sure that none of the girls he had sex with were Muslims.

If a Pakistani reads this re-count he/she may be greatly offended, no doubt about it. Many Pakistanis will defend that the view by one person does not mean any thing. No apology will be sought. Any Pakistani can form whatever opinion he thinks is suitable. It is up to him/her. Let us look at the wider implications of what my Pakistani Islamists had said. Was it an individual’s wrong interpretations of the holy books of Islam? Was it the mindset of a mentally sick person? Do not be fooled by these thoughts. For when we look back, we see that that was the mindset of Pakistani army recruits who unleashed a reign of terror leading into massacring millions of Bangalees. Pakistanis may differ on many matters but when the question of Islamic superiority comes, they are unanimous. This was the work of the Oligarchy, the army and the clerics of Pakistan. These groups have rigidly programmed the vast majority of Pakistanis with the thought that they (the Pakistanis) have the absolute superiority in Islamic matters. And this thinking got a further boost with the detonation of Islamic bomb in 1998. We Bangalees have no problem with their superior thinking. The only trouble is that these dangerous thoughts have cost 3 million dear lives of Bangalees.

So, to put everything in a simple language, the Pakistani army did not kill any human being in Bangladesh. They only cleared the field from pest; just like a farmer spreads insecticide to free his crops from devastation. So, is the case of the Pak army. They simply eliminated the non-Muslims and the not so good Muslims to protect the good Muslims those who would follow them. The question of remorse or guilt feeling does not arise at all. You see, the Pak army did not rape any women. They simply enjoyed the flesh of non-Muslims. Even if there were some excessive force being applied, there is no need to feel guilty about that. The ubiquitous Milad is there; the Hajj is there too to remove even the slightest trace of culpability. A serial killer is a psychologically sick person. He gets pleasure in seeing the suffering of a dying person in his hands. But deep down, the serial killer knows that what he is doing is wrong. He is surely aware of the eventual punishment if he is caught. That is why, most serial killers readily admit their crime and on many occasions regret of their actions when he recovers from his sickness. How about the perpetrators of a genocide? They are perfectly normal. Most of them are really very nice, polite, and soft spoken (like the Islamic Circle of North America’s leader Ashrafuzzaman Khan). But there is one trait that separates them from the rest of us and that is, the uncompromising faith in the supremacy of what they belief and their inability to accept the existence of others if they do not follow them. Any means is justified to advance their belief even if that means the annihilation of an entire race. That is why no Pakistani has ever condemned the genocide of the Bangalees. That is why they will do that again if an opportunity lends itself. Since no crime has been committed, the question of trial of the perpetrators of genocide does not arise at all. Isn’t it so?

This is the mindset of the planners and executioners of Bangladesh genocide. This is the mindset of Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan, Golam Azam, Ayatollah, Ashrafuzzaman -------. This why we have Auswitcz, Kosovo, Bosnia, Palestine, East Timor -----.

[Pulp Ark: paragraphs removed]

Abul Kasem Is an academic and writes from Australia.

How a Woman Must Prove Rape 

Why are rape victims often punished by Islamic courts as adulterers?

From The Religion of Peace

Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses.  Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex.  If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery. 

Qur'an (2:282) - Establishes that a woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's in court (there is no "he said/she said" gridlock in Islam).

Qur'an (24:4) - "And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses (to adultery), flog them..."  Strictly speaking, this verse addresses adultery (revealed at the very time that Muhammad's favorite wife was being accused of adultery on the basis of only three witnesses, coincidentally enough) however it is a part of the theological underpinning of the Sharia rule.

Qur'an (24:13) - "Why did they not bring four witnesses of it? But as they have not brought witnesses they are liars before Allah."

Qur'an (2:223) - "Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will..."  There is no such thing as rape in marriage, as a man is permitted unrestricted sexual access to his wives. 

Bukhari (5:59:462) - The background for the Qur'anic requirement of four witnesses to adultery.  Muhammad's favorite wife, Aisha, was accused of cheating [on her polygamous husband].  Three witnesses corroborated the event, but Muhammad apparently did not want to believe it, and so established the arbitrary rule that four witnesses are required. 

Rape is virtually impossible to prove under strict Islamic law (Sharia).  If the man claims that the act was consensual sex, there is very little that the woman can do to refute this.  Islam places the burden of avoiding sexual encounters of any sort on the woman.

A recent fatwa from a mainstream Islamic site echoes this rule and even chides a victim of incest for complaining when she has no "evidence":
However, it is not permissible to accuse the father of rape without evidence. Indeed, the Sharee’ah put some special conditions for proving Zina (fornication or adultery) that are not required in case of other crimes. The crime of Zina is not confirmed except if the fornicator admits it, or with the testimony of four trustworthy men, while the testimony of women is not accepted.
Hence, the statement of this girl or the statement of her mother in itself does not Islamically prove anything against the father, especially that the latter denies it.
Therefore, if this daughter has no evidence to prove that her accusations are true, she should not have claimed that she was raped by her father and she should not have taken him to the court. (IslamWeb.netImage)
Since it is incredibly unlikely that a child molester will violate his victim in front of "four trustworthy men", Islamic law amounts to a free pass for sexual predators.

Islamic law rejects forensic evidence (such as DNA) in favor of testimony.  An interesting situation thus sometimes develops in cases where a victim alleges rape and the man denies that sex even took place.  In the absence of four male witnesses, rape cannot be proven.  The woman's testimony then becomes a "confession" of adultery.  She can be stoned, even though the male is unpunished, since he never "confessed" to a sexual act!

Also, there can be no such thing as rape in marriage, even if the husband has to hit the wife in order to bring about her submission.  Another recent fatwa reminds a woman, she "does not have the right to refuse her husband, rather she must respond to his request every time he calls her." (Islam Q&A, Fatwa No. 33597).

Keep in mind that most Muslim countries do not operate under strict Islamic law, but rather under legal codes imported from the West.  Therefore rape victims in these countries can and often do receive justice under more reasonable standards of proof.


  1. Please remove my articles and press release from this blog. I do not agree with the extremist views presented on this site. And I emphatically disagree with your statement that Islam is a "religion of rape." I would never support that point of view. In any event, although you have copied my articles from Scribd, please remove them. Thank you.
    Maria Sliwa

    1. Article removed. It was found here when I took it,

  2. Arab apartheid / Muslim apartheid are the largest 'apartheid systems', that exist today Part 1


    Virtually all non-Arabs and/or non-Muslims are second class citizens. Among minorities that feel the wrath of the bigoted Arab-Muslim world are:

    * Berbers (native N. Africans, before Arab invasion: Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco).

    * Copts (indigenous Egyptians suffer from both: Arab racism and Islamic bigotry).

    * Kurds (Examples include: [Saddam's] Iraq and Syria.

    * Blacks, in Arab lands or in Arab ruled Africa like the genocide in the Sudan and slavery in both Sudan and in Mauritania.

    * Asians, particularly in the Gulf Arab states. [Sex slaves or "plain" slaves).

    * Maronites-Christians [Native Lebanese] suffer from both Arab ethnic racism and religious bigotry, like the massacres in the 1970s by local Muslims and by Palestinian/Syrian forces.

    * Assyrians, are/have been persecuted both racially and religiously. Still very much marginalized in Iraq, for example.

    * Iran is not an Arab country but racism is huge against Kurds, Jews, Turkmens, etc. So is anti-non-Muslim bigotry against Christians, Bahai, Zoroastrians and other in the Islamic republic.

    * Turkey is also a Muslim non-Arab country and Kurds, Greeks, Armenians and other ethnicities have been through much suffering, genocide. Still there's great wide racism against non-Turkish ethnic groups including racism against Alevis and against Kurds. Turkey's policy in Cyprus has also been recognized as a real Apartheid by many. All non-Muslims are automatically branded as "foreigners" at the "moderate" Islamic supremacy of Turkey.

    * Chinese, Indians, Christians and other non-Malay, in Malaysia; Chinese, Christians in Indonesia, have long been subject to persecution, race-riots, discrimination, racism and bloodshed.

    * Non-Muslims or the 'wrong kind of Muslims,' in Pakistan; Iraq; Afghanistan, are oppressed and targeted in deadly attacks.

    * All non-Muslims in 'Islamic Apartheid state' of S. Arabia.

    * Asians [slaves!] in the Gulf Arab states.

    * Bedoons in Kuwait.

    * Al-Akhdam in Yemen.

    * Gypsies in Jordan.

  3. Arab Islamic world - largest practitioner of apartheid today - Part 2


    Islamic-Arab "Palestine" apartheid:

    * Ahmadiyya Muslims are harshly persecuted in (Pakistan and in) the "Palestinian" Apartheid authority and/or by Hamas.

    * Descendants of slaves of the Bedouins are still stigmatized by racist "Palestinians".

    * Christians are discriminated, persecuted against [especially since Y. Arafat's Islamization of Bethlehem], by Palestine authority and Hamas regime.


    From anti-Jewish Apartheid:

    - The Arab racist apartheid against the Jews attempted genocide ever since the 1920s, (Like Mufti of "Palestine" at his incited massacres, and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who called simply 'to kill Jews').
    - Chased out a Million Jews in the late 1940.
    - Has boycotted and demonized [every logical defensive action is branded "racist"] the Jewish democratic-free-equal-to-all state only because it's the "other". It is neither Muslim nor purely Arab.
    - The Arab racist world continues to play with Arab-Palestinians (grandchildren of Arab immigrants) like ping-pong against Israel.




    As if we don't know the 'Arab oil lobby's power' over the UN and other major international organizations and some African officials to go along with the Arab propaganda.

    Despite some non-Arabs who jump on this wagon out of: ignorance, of confusion complex, or of sheer bigotry, never forget, that this entire "apartheid, racism" label was invented by Arab racists ganging up in the UN since 1975.

    Even promoter of the apartheid-slur [which was actually invented in 1961 by A. Shukairy, who was the henchman and spokesman for the infamous Mufti al-Husseini the Mufti, notorious for being A. Hitler's ally and adviser on exterminating the Jews. Shukairy also called to throw the Jews into the sea] J. Carter admitted on CNN: "I recognize that Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment under the law between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis."

    Incidentally, the lying Pallywood machine also created a fake "memorandum" claiming that N. Mandela ever uttered this crappy analogy.

    Last but not least:

    Isn't it true that the anti-Jewish "apartheid" slur campaign is: 1) to demonize Jews and 2) to hide the real apartheid practiced by the Arab-Islamic world?


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