Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Want to Leave Islam

By Ali Sina

Pamela Geller is a brave woman at the forefront of our fight against the encroachment of Islam on western civilization. She is the person who raised the attention of the Americans about the Islamic ploy to build a victory mosque only a block away from the ground zero where the WTC twin towers stood and stopped that project. Pamela is also the one who saved Rifqa Bari, the young American Pakistani girl who converted to Christianity and was threatened by her parents that if she does not revert she would be killed.

Among other thing Pamela has also founded the Periodically people from all over the world write to her enquiring how they can leave Islam without losing their lives. Pamela forwards some of these emails to me which I am glad to respond. This is what one person writes from Pakistan:

I am [name remove] from Pakistan. I want to be free i want to live a happy life I am reading many books about religions and I recognized that Islam is a fake religion, totally based on hatred. I visited your link I don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Stay safe

My first and foremost advice to anyone wanting to leave Islam is to stay safe. We don’t want you to be a hero and our cause does not require martyrs. We need you to stay alive and we want to see you live a long, happy, free and productive life.

If you live in an Islamic country, we cannot provide any safety for you. Assuming there were people who could help you there we would not be able to introduce them to you as this would put their lives at risk. So you are on your own. You have to take care of your safety. What we can do is give you some commonsense tips and suggestions.

Don’t reveal your thoughts to anyone, including your family and your best friends. I receive numerous emails from new apostates who say they thought it is safe to talk to their non-practicing sibling or friends. They were shocked when these people turned against them. Muslims don’t’ care whether you practice Islam or not. But they do care that you stay a Muslim, even if it is by name. The least practicing Muslim can turn violent if you tell him you no longer believe in Islam.

What to do now?

One of the most frequently questions asked, when someone decides to leave Islam is, what they should do now. The answer is nothing. You don’t have to do anything to leave Islam. Islam is a belief. Once you stop believing you are no longer a Muslim. There are no rituals to perform and no membership cards to sign. The bondage of Islam is mental. Once you break that bondage you are free.

I know we humans need symbolism and rituals. This is a psychological need. A friend of mine who left Islam went to a church and baptized. He also changed his name from Hussein to Cyrus. I asked whether he is a Christian. He said no, but that he needed to do this little ceremony to make it official, at least in his own mind, that he is not a Muslim anymore. I did not need any ceremony to prove to myself that I am not a Muslim. I did not change my so called Islamic name. The fact is that Ali is not an Islamic name at all. Abu Talib who named his son Ali, was not a Muslim and he never accepted Islam. Another person named Ali was the son of Ummayh ibn Khalaf, who was killed by Bilal, his father’s ex- slaver, along with his father, treacherously.

If you really need a ceremony, recite to yourself, I testify that Allah is no God and Muhammad was a mentally sick man. That should do.

When you leave Islam you don’t pay the zakat. Zakat finances Islamic jihad. This so called charity is never used for charity. It is used to build mosques and madrasahs and to promote Islam. Even if it is used to build orphanages, the idea is always to raise children as fanatical Muslims and soldiers of Allah. The most vicious and the most inhumane protectors of the mullahs in Iran are known as basijis. They are mostly children of the Iranian soldiers who were killed in the Iran Iraq war and raised as orphans by the Islamic regime to become their henchmen. They are brainwashed killing machine. The regime has turned them into monsters. They have no qualm butchering the people to protect the mullahs. These were orphans raised by the mullahs. Muslims don’t do charity works without any strings attached. Once you stop paying zakat you are not financing Islamic terrorism. Do your charity personally where you can see how the money is used.

Also don’t go to the mosque. Your attendance only strengthens Islam in the same way that the attendance of ordinary Germans in Hitler’s rallies made him stronger. If more people don’t give their support to this cult of death, Islam will become less relevant.


You need support, but unfortunately this is hard to get when you live in an Islamic country. I suggest you join an online community of apostates. You can find many people in your situation. Those who have left Islam can share their experiences with you.

If you live in a non-Muslim country, particularly in a European or American country, there are organizations that can provide temporary shelter for those people whose life are in danger. Young women particularly are in danger.

Should you join another religion?

This is a very personal choice that only you can make. Many apostates of Islam choose to remain irreligious. Some still believe in God and some don’t and some become agnostic. Others join a different faith. Each person has a different need and so are our choices. Whatever you do, don’t join another fanatical faith. You don’t want to come out of the frying pan to fall into the fire. Follow your reason. Even if you go wrong, you can correct it.


  1. From the historical precedent set by ex-Catholics, who make the most virulent atheists, ex-Muslims should make the most dedicated anti-Muslim crusaders.

    To fight Islam one must first recognize that it's a worldwide network of interlocking organizations. For this purpose the Historyscoper has created the free Freakin' Powerful Muslimscope that covers 1000+ persons and orgs.:


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