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How to defeat Islam

Why Islam is difficult to defeat and How to DEFEAT IT.

By Dr Thomas Ahmed

Traditionally, Western missionaries called the religion of Muhammad The Fortress of Islam. The name came out of the fact that there was no man-made religion in the world that resisted the Gospel of Christ as Islam did. To illustrate this fact there was a Western missionary man that lived for over twenty years in Iran preaching the good news to the Iranian Muslims. This story took place before the Islamic revolution in Iran. After living many years in Iran the missionary man succeeded in converting one young Iranian boy to Christianity and that boy was killed by his family. The missionary man took his belongings and returned to Europe. According to Dr. Ibtihal, the missionary man was not able to be effective among Muslims because he did not understand the hidden strongholds that kept the Muslims from understanding and accepting the Gospel of Jesus. Apart from this fact, there was nothing wrong with either the missionary man or the Gospel of Jesus.

In this chapter, I would like to summarize the great findings that Dr. Ibtihal's shrewd mind discovered that made her speeches and writings powerful tools in pulling down those strongholds. In her book, The Fortress of Islam, Dr. Ibtihal unearthed the hidden factors that withstood the preaching of the good news of the Gospel to Muslims. To begin with, she argued that Islam was an interconnected system of beliefs that if any one of its tenets was proved to be wrong its whole foundation would collapse. As a matter of fact, there were thousands of wrongs things in Islam that Muslim as well as non-Muslim scholars had already discovered and pointed out. Let us begin with Muslim scholars first. Whenever a Muslim scholar discovered something wrong with the Qur'an or hadith he would be condemned as an apostate and put to death. If he was lucky enough to escape the death penalty he would be called Zindeeq and either be compelled to flee out of his home country like the Egyptian scholar Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd or be compelled to recant his writings as the Egyptian great scholar Taha Hussien. There were numerous examples in the past of Muslim scholars who came up with new readings or interpretations to improve the status of women or social life but were condemned as Zindeeq and met with fatal consequences. Lay people faced more drastic actions than scholars and usually were put to death as apostates. Therefore, the law of apostasy was the first stronghold that Muhammad invented to lock his followers within his religious system.

The second factor was to do with the nature of the Qur'an. The Qur'an was believed to be the very words of God that the angel Gabriel dictated word by word to Muhammad. Muhammad's mind or memory was like a tape-recorder that recorded what it heard and reproduced it to his scribes and the scribes wrote them down as they heard them from him. Scholarly researches proved this doctrine to be incorrect and factious. There were ample examples of verses and Sorahs went missing and were never found and some got edited and changed. Nevertheless, any scholar today who doubted this doctrine of the completeness and preservation of the verses of Qur'an would be condemned as an apostate or Zindeeq and punished. The doctrine stated further that the words of the Qur'an were kept on a heavenly tablet placed at the Throne of God. This doctrine became a stronghold for the Gospel because of the various versions of the Bible. Every simple-minded Muslim could easily refute and reject the Gospel because of his strong belief that his Qur'an had never been changed or altered and nothing went missing from it. Muslim critics like Ahmed Deedat of South Africa equipped Muslims with ample examples of various versions of the Bible and that was for Muslims enough proof that Christians had changed and corrupted the Gospel of Jesus. The only way out of this problem would be to point out to the Muslim that his Qur'an was not complete and it was subjected to editing too.

The third and most powerful stronghold was the belief that the prophet Muhammad was greater than any previous prophets of God and after him there was no prophet. He was an ideal of spiritual, moral, and intellectual perfection. This belief might prove irrefutable sometime because of the upbringing of the Muslims. In Islam, every sin was pardonable except the sin of insulting the prophet Muhammad or doubting his claim to prophethood. An apostasy in Islam was considered treason and deserved capital punishment but an apostate still could be forgiven if he repented and returned to Islam after three days. However, if a Muslim sinned against the prophet Muhammad by doubting or insulting him, his sin was unpardonable even if he was found holding to the Curtains of the Holy Ka'abah in Makka. Therefore, the Muslim could think of anything and doubt everything about his faith but doubting or insulting the prophet Muhammad was unthinkable. His mind was fashioned in a way that it could not by itself doubt the truthfulness of his prophet. It is almost impossible to convince the Muslim that his prophet Muhammad had committed a single sin in his life. In order to make him doubt the truthfulness of Muhammad or to see how evil and sinful Muhammad was, the Muslim's mind requires outside assistance. Dr. Ibtihal was the first thinker to succeed in finding a way to create that doubt inside the Muslim's mind. For that reason her MLM movement gained many followers from Islam. Nevertheless, Dr. Ibtihal could not dream of doing that if she was living in a Muslim society or her homeland. Besides, Dr. Ibtihal benefited by Western protection she received by living in Canada and their technology. Many Muslims were living in the West. Those Muslims could hear the programs of the MLM. Moreover, the MLM movement was able to approach Muslims in the Middle East and the other Muslim countries through the chat rooms on the Internet.

The fourth stronghold, which began in our modern time and started to gain wide popularity in the Muslim world, was the false claim that the Qur'an is a great book of science. Traditionally, Muslim scholars accepted the fact that prophet Muhammad did not perform any miracle and his only miracle was the Qur'an. It was believed that Muhammad did not know how to read and write and hence an illiterate person could not possibly produce such a great book except God had revealed it to him. Therefore, the Qur'an was the only miracle that God supported Muhammad with. However, due to the vast advance of the Western countries and other non-Muslim Eastern countries such as Japan, China, and India, Muslim countries felt that they had been left far behind. This realization created an inferiority complex in the minds of some modern Muslim scholars and led some of them to come up with the doctrine of The Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an. The advocates of this modern theory claimed that every great scientific discovery or theory was already foretold or mentioned in the Qur'an. Hundreds of books and thousands of TV programs were produced to support this false doctrine. Those books and programs were meant to convince the ordinary Muslim that he had between his hands a book that surpassed all the greatness of the West and East.

However, there are a few Muslim scholars who rejected such a claim and wrote books to prove that the Qur'an is just a spiritual book and has nothing to do with science. Dr. Khalid Muntosir has written the most outstanding work in this field: The Illusion of Miraculous Sciences In the Qur'an. In this book, Dr. Muntosir shows that there is not a single scientific theory or discovery in the Qur'an and Muslim scholars such as Mustafa Mahmoud and Zaqlol al-Najjar are simply reading the modern scientific discoveries and theories in the book of the Qur'an.

The civilized, technological, and military defeats of the Muslim countries today created an inferiority complex among Muslims and led some Muslim scholars to come up with such shameful and false claims in order to hide those setbacks. Those new doctrines of scientific discoveries in the Qur'an were meant to assure Muslims that they are still the best nation that was ever produced to mankind.

The fifth stronghold was to do with the doctrine of the Trinity in Christianity. For an ordinary Muslim the doctrine sounded like a childish tale or blasphemy. Every Muslim no matter how ignorant he was about the teachings of the Gospel had some knowledge of the doctrine of the Trinity. Muslim scholars as well as lay people were so proud about their doctrine of God that was called the Oneness of Allah. Islam was known as the religion of Oneness. According to that doctrine, God is one, does not beget a child, and has not being begotten as a child. This doctrine was designed by the Qur'an to refute and reject the Trinity. Regardless of the confusion that Muhammad fell into by involving Mary the mother of Jesus in the Trinity, the Islamic doctrine was manufactured in a way to ridicule the Christian doctrine of God. Muslims did not believe as some Western scholars tried to deduce that the Father slept with Mary and begot Jesus. The doctrine itself, whether Mary was involved in it or not, Muslims found to be childish and silly and the reason was the concept of God they had been taught – that God could not be a child or have a father. The true representation of the Trinity as the incarnation of the Son or Word of God and the two natures of Christ as perfect God and perfect man was absent in the teachings of Islam. Dr. Ibtihal considered it a waste of time to try to convince the Muslim about the Trinity as long as he considered the Qur'an the word of God and Muhammad the messenger of Allah. In order to demolish this stronghold the previous strongholds must be destroyed first. Then, and only then the Muslim's mind could be prepared to listen to the doctrine of the Trinity in Christianity.

The sixth stronghold was to do with the question of moral life. Muslims believed that they were more holy and moral than the West. Muslims identified the Western secular life with Christian life. Their preachers pointed to them in the mosques that in the West the man and woman could live together and cohabit without being married. In the West, women dressed up in shameful clothes that exposed all their private bodies. In the West, the father would go to jail if he beat his son or daughter. In the West, the husband would land in jail if he beat his wife if she disobeyed him or he caught her with her boyfriend in bed. In the West, the girl could bring her boyfriend inside her parents' house and sleep with him without being married to him. In the West, the parents could drink alcohol with their children. In the West, the man could marry a man and a woman is allowed to marry another woman. Homosexuality was not a sin and the law would not punish gays and lesbians. Therefore, Muslims considered the Western secular life as strong proof that they were following the true and holy religion and the Christians were following a corrupt and sinful religion.

Dr. Ibtihal believed that those were the main strongholds that made Islam a Fortress that withstood and resisted the Gospel of Jesus for over fourteen hundred years. In her book, The Fortress of Islam, she pointed out those strongholds and offered suggestions on how to destroy them.

Chapter 197 from my book, "Ibtihal and Muslims' Liberation Movement". Click on this link to view the book.


  1. It is impossible to destroy Islam. Why? Because Islam is from the Creator. In other words, the Quran is from the Creator. Who can destroy the Creator?

  2. Internet will destroy islam!


  4. Islam is of Devil. this is proves fact
    1. from the lustful life of Mahmmud with all ladies in his life. 2.brutality of Islam in all the countries.
    3.killing of people in the name of God, (satan does such things)
    4. ware within sunni and shia's of Muslim sect.(no respect for one another of same faith.both say either one is wrong, then who is wrong.
    ..................many more to add.

  5. It's easily possible to defeat all of the magic-based religions simultaneously. All of them will start to lose major ground to a verifiably true, wholly natural religion beginning now, 2012.


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