Monday, September 27, 2010

Muslim Brotherhood Project

Compiled by Jarrad Winter

The Muslim Brotherhood project is a 25- point, 100-year, plan to take apart the Western world from within. The plan was conceived in the 1980's by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Swiss uncovered it in 2001.

The Project carefully lays out a long term strategy of using "stealth" Jihad to implement Sharia Law and Islam via the institutions and governments of the Western World. The Brotherhood took great care to outline the need to stay deceptive, and the need to "use" the Western institutions "until they can be converted and put into service of Islam".
In short, the strategy is to create a "Jihadist infrastructure" in the West, complete with entities covering up the truth about Islam, infiltrating the government, and indoctrinating people out of reality, by virtue of revisionist history. The goal is to take down the West leveraging deceptive social and political policy.

Muslim Brotherhood Project

Political/Psychological Jihad

Point 8
Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing "academic" studies, to legitimize Islamist positions and to chronicle the history of Islamist movements

Jihad got a hold of the kids textbooks

Points 11-14
11. Building extensive social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations dedicated to Islamist ideals so that contact with the movement for Muslims in the West is constant;
12. Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically-elected institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations and labor unions;
13. Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be converted and put into service of Islam;
14. Drafting Islamic constitutions, laws and policies for eventual implementation;

CAIR - Counsel on American Islamic Relations
"Arguably one of the most important outcomes of the case was that the FBI reevaluated its relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), after significant evidence emerged during the trials about CAIR's links to the U.S. Hamas infrastructure."

MSA - Muslim Student Association
Horowitz: The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?
MSA: For it.

You would be thinking that if all this was true the government would be on it, right?
Actually, no, they are refusing to listen to the people assigned by the FBI to figure out Islam and research the threat.

FBI Agents discussing the Muslim Brotherhood Project and the government's refusal to care about the facts

There is a movie by a reformist Muslim

Dr. Yasser

Stakelbeck on Terror - The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Societal/Psychological Jihad

Kamal Saleem

The Ground Zero Imam is also a deceitful piece of the Brotherhood planl. One of the things Islam has done historically is build "victory" Mosques to celebrate military success and demonstrate the have succeeded. Cordoba (the name of the Imam's "institute") is the name of a victory Mosque in Spain.

The Imam refuses to pass the basic "I don't support terrorists" quiz
Rauf has emerged as a controversial figure because of his refusal to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization, which is how the U.S. government classifies the group. The imam also has been quoted as saying U.S. foreign policy was in part responsible for the 9/11 attacks."

And just to show you how well the Muslim Brotherhood Project is going
“He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department Spokesman P.J.

James Madison
Because it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The freeman of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much to soon forget.

Jarrad Winter - aka Answer's Questions


  1. What a pity...All these strong, honorable Muslim men out there, and no one to debate! Oh, wait, "honor" means something different to you guys. Y'allah, "honor" means raping and murdering women and chilren, especially your own. You molest women and children; we love them. This is the difference between us.

  2. Our God instructs us to Love One Another. Love is not defined as rape, torture, dishonor, condemnation, murder. Those are adjectives of an evil, satanic people.

  3. Watch the History Channel's Brotherhood of Terror here.


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