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Islam, The Devil’s Greatest Illusion

There is no Moderate Islam
The 52 year old male pedophile watched the young six year old girl outside her home, playing with her dolls. He felt an overwhelming stirring in his loins and knew he was sexually attracted to her and he knew this in his entire being. He wanted to take away her innocence, and indulge himself sexually with the child. Would he get away with this perverse fantasy? What would the authorities do when he, a travelling salesman was caught?
They would do nothing. The man was Mohammed and he was the authority. He married this young girl at the age of six and indulged himself with her sexually when she was nine. Her father basically traded her off for a high position in this new “religious” movement. His name was Abu Bakr and he later became the first Caliph according to the Sunni Muslims. The Shiites disagree. Its immaterial as he was swine either way.
In today’s society this pedophile and her father would have been charged with sexual abuse and locked up. Back then this travelling salesman had people convinced that he was a prophet. He claimed that his pedophilia was Allah’s will. This pervert named Mohammed and his companions are the authors of the Qur’an and the person that established the “religion” and political ideology of Islam.
The founding father of Islam, Mohammed, is no different than Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, Reverend Jim Jones in Jonestown, David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate Cult, as well as other cult leaders who draw people into their following because people think the self appointed leader is the “enlightened” one whether because of political reasons or more sadly, religious reasons, or both. The common thread is the abnormal view of reality and the world around them.
Each of these cult-like followings mentioned share some common characteristics.
  1. They use psychological and physical (often sexual) coercion to entice, recruit, and retain membership.
  2. The founder is self appointed, charismatic, messianic, holds no accountability and is usually sexually perverse or teaches sexual perversion as acceptable.
  3. In a non-conforming to their belief host society they form a society separate from, yet within society and choose to govern themselves according to their beliefs regardless of the laws of the host country.
  4. Death is the end goal of all their efforts and they welcome it as a pathway to their version of heaven or paradise and tragically, innocents always die with them or because of them.
  5. In the case of Islam and Nazism, the end goal is a total transformation of society to their twisted belief system. This requires an army of followers which is where the smaller cults fall short.
This twisted ideology is the very founding of Islam. Right from the beginning, the validity of any teachings by Mohammed should have been ignored and discarded as he was nothing more than a dangerous fool. The similarities in the Qur’an that mirror only small portions of the Bible or the Torah can probably be attributed to the fact that Mohammed was a salesman involved heavily in trade, import and export. I’m sure in his travels he obtained copies of the Bible and the Torah, from which he derived some well known names such as Jesus, Noah, Moses and Abraham which would lend validity to his teachings as we all know, in every lie there is a certain amount of truth.
As one researches the Qur’an you will note that there is no chronological order to the book. His early written ramblings seem rather peaceful yet later they become quite menacing and preach hatred and death to those outside of their belief system. One reason is that when Mohammed first started the Mein Kampf of Islam in Mecca, he was still nothing more than a pedophiliac salesman and trader, hardly a prophet by any standard. The Meccan tribes were hostile to him and his teachings, so he retreated with his followers to Medina. Later, in Medina as he gained a following which literally turned into an army his teachings became more forceful, hateful and very violent. He then returned to Mecca and interestingly enough, took over Mecca without much of a fight. Much like the Muslim organizations are attempting today in the United States and where they have been very successful in the UK. The strength of the Muslims lies in sheer numbers.
Still notably, he wasn’t a prophet by any stretch of the imagination, anymore than Charles Manson is a prophet although his followers thought he was. Mohammed was merely dangerous because of the number of followers, much like Hitler was in 1930′s Germany. Refusal of Islam meant death. Each of these two particular historical tyrants hated the Jews and I would attribute that to envy in each case. The Jews are God’s chosen people and neither of these men could stomach that.
As a side note, one remarkable similarity between Islam and one of the stated examples, Charles Manson for instance, is that the spokesmen such as Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri entice others to murder and die for the cause if need be, while they sit back and keep a hands off stance in the murders they order, just as Manson did.
I as an American am 100% for Freedom of Religion and the liberty of Americans to worship the God of their choosing.  However, in the case of Islam, the Muslims don’t want to just keep to themselves, worship their Allah and make the world a better place for mankind. No, instead they want to have ALL other religions and people to submit to their twisted Sharia system which is a combined ideology of politics and religious beliefs with absolutely no separation between the two. There is no place in western society for this dangerous ideology. Religions like Hindu, Buddhist, Baptist and Catholic do not call for the destruction and overthrow of western civilization as Islam does. This anti-government, anti-western, hate filled, murderous belief system in itself should call for the removal of the worship of Islam in western society.  It doesn’t belong here as it contradicts the liberties and freedoms of western civilization, to the point of bloodshed. It is poison to mankind.
There is no consistency in Islam teachings either which makes it even more puzzling that anyone would adhere to it. The so called “western, moderate Muslims” will quietly say to you that they don’t believe in the Qur’an in its entirety or that a few Radical Islamists have hijacked the religion. However, they won’t say that out loud in the company of other Muslims due to fear of what they may be accused of. I find this to be ridiculous that any religion has you in fear to voice an opinion or disagreement with the text of some ancient book. I can disagree with my pastor and don’t have to worry about being beheaded for my words.
The illusion of Islam lies with the presentation of Islam by the so called “moderate” Muslims here in the western world. The illusion is their attempt at a peaceful portrayal of Islam which unfortunately a huge majority of westerners actually believe to be true. The illusion is also the presentation of Islam as a religion while neglecting to properly identify it as an actual political system based in the so called religion.
The so called “Moderate” Muslims seek to spew forth only the “flowers and puppy dogs” versions of text while discussing Islam and insist that Islam is a religion of peace. That is a ridiculous statement in itself.  Mohammed’s last statements and teachings are the true teachings and they are hate filled, violent and seek death for all non-Muslims. There is no peace in Islam. There is no “Qur’an, the Western Edition” book floating around out there that “moderate Muslims” can quote accurately and claim to be peaceful people and still be true Muslims. To even attempt to modify the Qur’an results in a death sentence. Just ask the two Afghans facing death right now because they modified the Qur’an into the Afghan language from Arabic. That doesn’t sound like “peace, Love and Tolerance” to me. Looks like freedom of thought and speech are out the window on that deal too. This is just another shining example of Democracy and Islam within the same government.
The Muslims that claim to be moderate are not true Muslims. They cannot be true Muslims and be moderate at the same time. For example, the man who just beheaded his wife in New York was considered a “Moderate” Muslim, the owner of an Islamic TV station that sought to undo the “misunderstandings” about Islam here in the western world. No, he is a true Muslim and cannot be called moderate in his Islamic beliefs.  And incidentally, he showed us the truest version of Islam.
When it comes to religious teachings, as to a change of tone in teachings, you can say the same of the Bibleto a very limited extent as it is a compilation of scriptures and accounts written by men, inspired by God. (Example is Old Testament says “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” while the New Testament says “Turn the other cheek”). The similarity stops there however. The Old Testament was harsher than the New Testament as the Old Testament was written before God made a new covenant with man, that covenant being the teachings in the New Testament. God’s gift of his only son Jesus being the symbol of his new covenant with man as his son died on the cross for our sins that all who believe in him can go to heaven.
There is no new covenant with man in the Qur’an from their “Allah”. There couldn’t be a new covenant as the Qur’an isn’t inspired by God, nor is it recognized by God as the Muslims refuse to recognize Jesus as anything more than a prophet on a lesser level than Mohammed. This in itself is a mighty insult to God. To place a pedophiliac salesman as a higher prophet than Jesus is indeed an insult to almighty God and Christians worldwide.
As you research the Qur’an, you will note that it is written in reverse order if anything as in the first Quranic texts; it was much more peaceful and accommodating of other religions and peoples. This changed as Mohammed gained followers because Mohammed was nothing more than a sinful man, a mere mortal, gluttonous and intoxicated on his new found power which once again makes him less than “Prophet” material. The newer, more violent text nullifies the older text therefore removing any peaceful intentions from the Qur’an and Islam itself. This tosses the “moderate” Muslim theory right out the window.
Mohammed was nothing more than a con artist yet far more dangerous than some of the western religion con artists that we may have seen in pulpits or on television at one time or another. The danger is that Mohammed eventually sought the blood of non-believers of Islam. His methodology and the methodology of Islam are quite deadly. Refusal of his Islamic teachings means death to the unbeliever, the infidel. This is hardly a selling point in my opinion.
Our western con artists just want your money, not your head.
Western religions also seek to entice people to join with them yet do it in a different manner. They make their way appealing, attractive to where someone will listen to them and if they join them, it is of their own free will. Islam on the other hand says “Submit or die”.
Once again, people often mistakenly refer to Islam solely as a religion when in fact it is actually a very diabolical political system based on their so called “religion”.
Herein lies the problem in the western world as people who only see the religious aspect of Islam as an issue, not realizing it runs much deeper than just exercising  ”rights to religious freedoms”. Islam has carefully presented their argument as a religious argument so that people in the western world will be tolerant, because if people fully understood Islam, they would refuse it. To put it in perspective, imagine a Nazi center flying a Nazi flag where every mosque is located, operating freely under the guise of “religious rights”. Would you tolerate that?
It is similar to Nazism in every aspect as a totalitarian society model with no freedoms or liberties for its followers. It is a “Do as we say or die” type political system which leaves a wide path of death, murder and mayhem in every part of the world where it is the government model. Democracy and Islam cannot exist in the same government model. We have for instance, Republicans and Democrats. They go to the floor of Congress and the Senate and they argue back and forth, sometimes resolving the issue and agreeing, sometimes not. In Islamic government, if there is a disagreement, someone dies. Look at the Sunni’s and Shiites in Iraq and the way they settle their disagreements. They do it through bombings of each other’s mosques, assassinations and killing civilians according to their designation. Is this what America wants when there are disagreements in the House or Senate? Settle the differences by killing each other?
If we keep letting people like Keith Ellison and other Muslims infiltrate our political system, you will eventually come to this type of government model. Look at Ellison for instance, that clown wasn’t in the office for even a few months and the Muslims went berserk in Minneapolis with Muslim cab drivers refusing to transport certain people and more notably the incident of the six imams who staged their Islamic charade on the airliner. Imagine the chaos if there were 100 Muslims as Congressional members or Senators.
We are being infiltrated at all levels of western society by Islam. We had the acknowledged frontal attack on US soil on September 11, 2001to which there was no denying that the US had been attacked by Islam. Since then there have been other instances of Islamic terrorism on US soil, much of which are swept under the rug by the government. Yet more interesting and even deadlier are the back door attacks which have been underway for years.
Let’s look at these closely. In some areas it started with Muslim footbaths in universities. Small, subtle change but still it serves as a deteriorating mark on our soil by allowing this. Better yet, this occurred with the Muslims demanding these footbaths. One could ask “how does this hurt anything?”
The explanation is quite simple. The United States has slowly been drifting away from God in general in a feeble and self destructive method. The majorities of young people in the universities right now don’t come from Christian homes, don’t have a strong religious upbringing and are more interested in political correctness than doing what is right. Once the footbath issue comes up, it creates a curiosity point on the campus. The “moderate” Muslims are there, quick to spew their false version of Islam being a religion of peace, their religious rights and so forth. Typical college student hears all of this and either dismisses the footbaths as a “non-issue” and accepts the Muslims basing their acceptance on “freedom of religion”.  The college student only accepts the issue at face value, not realizing that Islam isn’t simply a “religion” but instead a political system unto its own. It isn’t the college students here who hold the blame. It is American society as a whole because most Americans only see the Islamic issue as only a religious issue. So now the footbaths are in and Islam is visibly present on campus. This also leads to the potential of a student being curious about Islam and there are plenty of recruiters available to usher the student into the Islamic way of life.
The wearing of hijabs and facial or head coverings on Muslim females is another Islamic issue they claim is their right due to freedom of religion. However, it has nothing to do with their religion. It is a cultural tradition yet if they manage to get us to accept these facial and head coverings, Islam will have won a small battle in a larger war. This will result in another visible Muslim marker on US soil. Considering the amount of terrorist that have been caught overseas disguised as women, I say the hijabs should be outlawed especially when it comes to photo ID pictures. Under no circumstances should a hijab be part of an official US government or US government contracted security uniform.
The guise, the illusion that Islam uses for infiltration is that “Islam is purely a religious issue”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is our downfall as a nation because we fail to recognize Islam for what it is. It is an entire Sharia based political system bent on destroying western civilization. Allowing true Islam into our system at any level is no different than allowing Nazism and Communism into the system. It is a Sharia political system based on a violent religious belief, not a “peaceful” religion as Muslims claim.
Islam is very sneaky in their convert recruitment methods as well. It always starts out with the peaceful ramblings of the pedophile prophet. It preaches inner peace, self improvement, along with many selling points of any other religion. However, within a short period of time the Islamic political agenda enters the new convert’s lessons. It starts with perhaps the Palestinian issue and moves to the so called persecution of Muslims worldwide. The Islamic lessons are carefully orchestrated and before you know it, your son, daughter, nieces or nephews are caught up in this insane ideology which started as a “religious” thing and now is fully political in nature. Of course the political views are anti-US, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. Before you know it you are hearing arguments from them about Islamic issues with the focus on political not religion.
The majority of Muslim converts in the US are young people, inner city dwellers and prisoners. These are the disenchanted ones within our society and the young ones that don’t know much about life at 19 years old. Remember when you were 19? You had it all figured out. So did I. Then reality set in. Life came at us hard. Life brought us careers, spouse, kids, mortgage payments, car payments, economical setbacks, creditors, etc. We look back and realize that at age 19, life looked pretty rosy. We were open to things new and different and we were susceptible to most anything. Had Islam been as predominant then as it is today, chances are someone would have talked to us about Islam. These same kids they are recruiting today are the politicians of tomorrow. That is enough to keep you awake at night.
The inner city dwellers, the disenchanted ones are ripe for recruiting to Islam. They feel they have nothing else and that the American system has let them down. They live in the ghetto and draw welfare and food stamps. However, Islam is quite generous with their inner city recruits. Before you know it there is a mosque nearby and you will notice improvements on the houses closest to the mosque. Most people don’t go into the inner city due to fear but I have on many occasions and in many different cities in the US. Islam owns many of those people now. They complain about slavery in the US some centuries ago yet willingly signed up to be slaves to Islam. They are still taking handouts but the paymaster is now Islamic. Islam is building an army of these people.
Prisoners, well that goes without saying. Most Islamic converts in prison are black with nothing to lose. It’s called “jailhouse religion”. Problem is that most of these are repeat offenders and once on the street they will do whatever the Muslim paymasters ask them to do. That in itself is a dangerous group of converts. Now we have gang members, robbers and murderers on the Islamic payroll. Islam should be removed from the prisons considering the fact that it is a detriment to mankind and certainly shouldn’t be taught to criminals as a way of life. Islam is building an army of these people.
Every step of this Islamic infiltration into our society was carefully planned by the Muslim Brotherhood several decades ago. The papers spelling out the plan were found years ago, written by the Muslim Brotherhood describing exactly what is currently happening and going to happen in the western world as to the Islamic invasion of our society and political system. Yet, we are too stupid to realize that we actually got our hands on the enemy’s playbook. What more could western civilization ask for than to be given the enemy’s formula for our destruction? Yet, we do nothing to stop it.
The UK is further along in this Islamic invasion than we are yet the US is falling in much the same manner. Geert Wilders was only recently refused entry to the UK because of his anti-Islam beliefs and for the simple fact he doesn’t hide them from anyone. The travesty is that Free Speech in the UK when it comes to anything against Islam is apparently forbidden. Muslims have taken over entire section of various cities in the UK and non-Muslims fear to enter these areas because there have been vicious assaults by the Muslims against the non-Muslims. If Islam is such a “peaceful religion” as many moderate Muslims claim, then why are non-Muslims assaulted? I watched a video in January of this year where the London police in the UK actually ran from the Muslim protesters who were chasing them, hurling things at them and cursing them.
This isn’t an issue of Freedom of Religion or the right to exercise religious beliefs. This is an organized takeover of our entire way of life, our government and our homes. I clearly remember Osama bin Laden telling us, the United States that Islam would use our own rights and freedoms to destroy the US.
Are you starting to understand what he was saying?
Be safe. Stay vigilant.

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