Friday, September 23, 2011

Integration, immigration and Islam-related problems

23 Suggestions for laws

Western politicians are free to pick and chose -- or take them all:
The basic goal is to fight immigrant crime with all means possible.
1) Illegal immigration is, yes, illegal, and should be punishable.
2) Criminal immigrants without citizenship must be deported.
3) All who are voluntarily involved in the use of Sharia courts must be punished.
4) Law and order must be imposed by all means in areas where the country's laws are challenged by Sharia, high crime rates and resistance against authorities.
5) Religions and religious teachings that preach hate, suppression or violence must be outlawed.
6) Religious organisations must declare and be able to prove that they do not preach teachings or condone religious books that incite criminal acts.
7) Immigrants must at arrival declare that they will support the country's constitution and follow the country's laws.
8) A main function of the EU should be to protect Europe against illegal immigration.
The basic goal is to protect and support the country's original culture and values.
9) Immigration from non-Western countries must be stopped. Time-limited working contracts should still be allowed.
10) Religious buildings that do not belong to the country's original culture should not be dominant (no minarets, no loud calls to prayer).
11) Religious customs (e.g. Islamization) that are not connected with the country's original culture should not be allowed in the public sector.
12) The state should actively protect and support the country's culture and values.
The basic goal is to make the lack of will or ability to integrate so unpractical and economically non-beneficial that repatriation will be the only attractive option.
13) Immigrant women should be informed about their rights to divorce, women's shelters, family planning and police protection.
14) Immigrants should pay for their own integration programme. The programme should include education in democracy, human rights and women's rights. It should also include information about how to support one's children's integration and education.
15) Immigrants should pass tests on the language, history, and politics of their new country. Immigrants should pay all expenses for language training and examination.
16) Repatriation (state-paid emigration and resettlement) should be offered to all immigrants from non-Western countries.
17) Immigrants should be able to support themselves economically.
18) Immigrants should earn their right to free medical care, to economic support for education and to social benefits. Immigrants must pay their own interpreters.
19) Immigrants who do not speak the country's language at an acceptable level must pay for special education for their children, because the parents are not able to support the children's schooling.
20) Refugees should be offered safety, food and medical care in refugee camps close to their home country. A Western level of living standard in Western countries for refugees is far too expensive and not necessary.
21) The country should put a much greater effort in fighting benefit fraud and tax fraud (both of which are widespread among immigrants).
22) The country should improve possibilities for the protection of women and their children who are fleeing violent family members.
23) Immigrants should put down a large deposit when entering the country. The deposit will be used to pay fines, taxes, expenses in connection with deportation, etc., if the immigrant breaks the rules of the country.
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