Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rumors of War III: Target U.S.

By Erick Stakelbeck

A few weeks ago, I told everyone to be on the lookout for a hot upcoming project that I was honored to be a part of: GBTV's groundbreaking new documentary, "Rumors of War III: Target U.S."

Well, the moment of truth is finally here. "ROW3" debuts tomorrow night, April 25, at 7 p.m. EST live on The hour-long exposé of jihad on America will be followed by a post-show at 8 p.m. featuring Glenn Beck and a distinguished panel of experts who will answer your questions.

Here is a sampling of what you'll see, from a recent op-ed I penned about the film for

The alarming truth laid out in Mercury Radio Arts’ new documentary, Rumors of War III: Target U.S. is that the United States is in the radical Islamists’ crosshairs now more than ever. A formidable group of expert insiders, including Lt. General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, Florida Congressman Allen West, former Department of Justice prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo, among others, take viewers deep inside the Islamist threat to the American homeland, revealing shocking details about our vulnerabilities and our enemies’ intentions to exploit them. In my 11 years of covering Islamic terrorism and national security issues, I can say without reservation that Rumors of War III presents the most truthful, in-depth and unflinching account I’ve seen of the imminent threats facing America. It contains the kind of unvarnished, politically incorrect analysis and information that is only whispered about in the back hallways of The New York Times, CNN and, yes, most conservative media outlets. In Rumors of War III, you’ll see how:
  • Members of Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are sworn to the destruction of America have assumed influential positions in the U.S. government. Incredibly, these same radical Islamists are helping to direct the Obama administration’s counterterrorism and Muslim outreach policies.
  • Hezbollah operatives are attempting to link up with Mexican drug cartels along America’s porous southern border in order to infiltrate and attack the U.S. homeland.
  • Iran is linking up with anti-American, Marxist regimes throughout Latin America in an effort to establish a forward base to strike at the United States.
  • Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons and its rapidly advancing long and medium-range missile programs pose an existential threat not just to Israel but to the U.S. as well.
  • The coming Middle East War will spark worldwide chaos, quite possibly by the end of 2012.
With news that the Obama administration's strategy now includes openly cozying up to radical Islamists who wish to destroy America (witness the recent visit to the White House by an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation), this documentary could not be more timely.

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