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The West does Away with Itself - Islam

By Klaus L.E. Kaiser

In 2010, former German Bundesbank-Vorstand and Ex-Senator of Berlin, Thilo Sarrazin, published his book “Deutschland schafft sich ab: Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen.” The title translates, more or less, to “Germany does away with itself: how we gamble with our country.”

Sarrazin’s Core Message

Immigrants from Islamic countries fail to readily integrate with their adopted societies.

In turn, that failure includes the corollaries:
  1. The rise of Islam within Europe
  2. The current socialistic/Marxist path of Europe
My own perception is that most of the western world is going down the same path of slow but steady self-destruction.

The Rise of Islam

The rise of Islam in the western world has been well documented. Numerous articles by Daniel Greenspan and Alan Caruba published at Canada Free Press can serve as references. If I may summarize, the underlying tenet is the incompatibility of a religious belief (Islamic claims) with its secular desires (Islamic facts) to dominate the world.

Islam and Democracy are mutually incompatible

Islam and democracy are mutually incompatible. Despite all the claims to the contrary (by believers in Islam), Islam is NEITHER just a religion (as that term is understood by believers in any other faith the around the world), nor is it a secular set of ethnic principles. Islam is an all-encompassing set of commandments that proscribe not only a variety of faith rituals, but also a whole code of “secular” rules and prescribed activities. For example, such “secular” rules of Islam provide for an unequal (lower) status of any non-believer; Islam terms them “infidels.” Infidels are second-class citizens who have fewer “legal rights” compared to any believer. That fact is a basic Islamic principle—without exception.

The results of such Islamic definitions can be seen in many places. From Afghanistan to many countries in Africa, “infidels” are being marginalized, persecuted, driven out, or killed outright. Their places of worship (if permitted at all under the laws of such countries) are desecrated, burnt to the ground and so forth. In many of these “peace-loving” (Islamic) countries, even the simple possession of a bible is punishable by law. Nor are religious organizations, other than Islamic ones, even allowed to possess any land, etc.

One basic Tenet of Islam

One basic tenet of Islam is to present itself to non-believers solely as a religion. Most people of other faiths fall for that ruse. In the rare event that anyone asks some inconvenient questions they are quickly explained as ‘it’s all due to some erratic elements within the Islamic community, wrong interpretations of the Koran by some of its teachers, misunderstandings by outsiders, and so forth. ‘

In countries where Islam in considered a state religion, the secular-type commandments of Islam are commonly enshrined in the Sharia laws. That includes the automatic death penalty for any apostate (including non-citizens of such countries), death by stoning of adulterous women, beheadings and severing limbs for a variety of offenses, etc. For example, in September 2011, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was said to have pardoned a young woman caught driving a car, not permitted in that country. For that “offense” (by Islamic values), she was originally sentenced to 10 lashes before supposedly being pardoned. Still, her pardon had been claimed to be conditional upon her promise to never drive a car again. In December though, The Atlantic reported that the young lady may not have been pardoned after all.

The Jakarta Globe reported very recently that “The fate of a gender equality bill pending in Indonesia’s parliament and aligned with the United Nations convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) has become uncertain after falling afoul of powerful Islamist groups.”

The Example of Turkey

Even in Turkey, a country which claims a strict separation of church and state affairs, no Christian religion is allowed to posses land, build or own a church. A good example of that is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. That church, documented to have been a Christian place of worship several centuries before the birth of Mohammed, the prophet of the supposedly peace-loving and tolerant Islam, has officially been declared to be a “museum”, for the last 80 years. Furthermore, some Christians who were recently wishing to use one of its back rooms for worship were evicted by the state of Turkey.

That alone should create questions in the mind of anyone inclined to give Islam the “benefit of doubt” about its claimed intentions of peace, tolerance and coexistence. There is no evidence provided by its leaders—by affirmed and public declaration, or by deed—which would demonstrate that such claims of tolerance. To the contrary, Islam’s leaders only know how to portray their disciples as victims, never as oppressors.

Leader’s Pronouncements

Several of Islam’s religious teachers (“Imams”) in Canada recently spoke out and published declarations about ‘honour killings’ and ‘gender equity’ (not ‘equality’). Such proclamations of good will or anything else are of little consequence to people in other jurisdictions. Unlike other religions, Islam does not have a supreme leader or council whose teachings “ex cathedra” are to be followed. Each of many thousands of Imams from any congregation around the world can make a pronouncement if he so wishes. Theoretically, all such pronouncements are binding to all believers, anywhere in the world. In practice though, such proclamations may as well be spoken into the wind. Unless re-iterated by many other, high-ranking leaders of Islam throughout the world, the proclaimed decrees by most Imams are of no consequence beyond the immediate parish.

Erosion of Culture

Islamic desires for more accommodation of their views in western countries are well known. Most western countries are based on traditions and laws which enshrine religious freedom and tolerance. Islam is always willing to take advantage of such, as much as possible. Even in areas of long-standing British/European culture, such as states and provinces in the North American north-east, Islam’s proponents are steadily pushing to erode both prevailing culture and traditions. For example, not very long ago, the government of Ontario was seriously considering giving the Islamic Sharia law legal force, over and above all other laws in the province. In the end, that proposal was nixed. Again, such proposals have nothing to do with lack of culture or lack of laws. They are based solely on the Koran’s self-proclaimed “superiority,” which requires any of its followers to spread Islam and its Sharia system by any means available, including sword and deceit.

The West needs vigilance to preserve its culture.

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