Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim

By Gina Miller

Is there really such a thing as a “moderate Muslim”?  Or, are there only Muslims and apostate Muslims?  I suspect the latter.

We always read about “radical Islam” as if there is a distinction between it and “regular” Islam.  But how is Islam not radical?  How is Islamic Shariah law not radical?  Even a cursory study of Islamic Shariah law reveals a brutal, oppressive and ignorant ideology that is completely at odds with western civilization.  There can be no doubt that Islam is radical, period.  Of course, not every Muslim straps on a bomb or cuts off people’s heads, but there seems to be a dearth of supposedly moderate Muslims who are loudly denouncing such atrocious, barbaric behavior.

The “moderate Muslim” campaign is a hoax, and America would do well to wake up to it.  Where you have someone who claims to be a moderate Muslim, look for either deception (taqiyya) or an apostate Muslim who cherry-picks Islam.  The words of the Koran which call for the killing or subjugation of non-Muslims and the waging of jihad against “infidels” leave Muslims in a position to either support those words or not fully follow Islam’s mandates.

The pressure of political correctness has cowed and silenced many leaders in our nation.  They are afraid to call a spade a spade when it comes to Islam.  The good news is that millions of us are awake to the threat of creeping Islamic Shariah law in our country, and we will not be fooled by the PC rhetoric.  I just hope we have the collective will to stamp out the creeping Shariah within our borders.

It is heartening to see a number of states proposing anti-Shariah bills in their legislatures.  Those bills would outlaw state courts from citing or upholding Shariah law.   This kind of legislation is essential to head off the creeping invasion of Shariah law in our nation.  It must be done at the state level, since we have an Islamist sympathizer in the White House whose administration would never go against the Islamist agenda.  If we can take back the White House and Senate in 2012, we may stand a chance at anti-Shariah legislation at the federal level.

New York Rep. Peter King is hosting a congressional hearing this week in Washington to explore the threat of Islamic radicalization in our country. This is a small step in the right direction, but even Rep. King is attempting to find those elusive moderate Muslims who will stand boldly against the Islamic calls for jihad against non-Muslims.

The America-hating, suicidal Left and the Islamists desperately try to claim there is no such threat to our nation from Islamic Shariah law, and they claim that anyone who criticizes Islam is simply displaying “hate” against Muslims; yet at the same time, the Islamists have plainly said they intend to destroy the West from within.  A 1991 internal document of the Muslim Brotherhood states the Islamists’ intentions for the United States and all of western civilization.  As reported by Paul and Phillip D. Collins in their essay titled, “The Muslim Brotherhood: Expediting the Grand Jihad,”

“Entitled ‘An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,’ the document states that the Brotherhood’s activities in the United States represent,

‘a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions’”

What part of that is hard to understand?  Who can read that and not clearly see that the Islamists are the enemies of the entire free world, especially as we witness all the Islamic murderers who operate daily across the globe killing people for the sake of the devil, Allah?

The fact that duplicitous groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are still given any credibility whatsoever is quite disturbing and frustrating.  CAIR is nothing more than a stealth front group for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the massive terror financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation, which found the defendants guilty on all charges.

Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer reports on another so-called moderate Muslim who was invited to speak at the University of Central Florida last week.  The man is a black American convert to Islam, who was born, Jeffrey Kearse, and was raised as a Baptist in New York before converting to Islam and changing his name to Siraj Wahhaj.  According to Discover the Networks website,

“…Wahhaj became involved with the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan, under whose influence he converted to Islam in 1969.”

Ah, yes!  The poster boy for moderate Islam: Louis Farrakhan!  Right off the bat, we know there is nothing moderate about this guy if Farrakhan is his buddy.

Mr. Spencer’s column, featured in Front Page Magazine, exposes yet another mythical moderate Muslim in Wahhaj, as he writes,

“Last week the Muslim Student Association (MSA) of the University of Central Florida invited the Imam Siraj Wahhaj to give an address on campus – funded by UCF’s Student Government Association. It was an invitation that raised no eyebrows: after all, Siraj Wahhaj is one of the most sought-after speakers on the Muslim circuit, and has addressed audiences all over the country. In 1991, he even became the first Muslim to give an invocation to the U.S. Congress. After 9/11, his renown as a moderate Muslim grew when he declared: ‘I now feel responsible to preach, actually to go on a jihad against extremism.’ But with Siraj Wahhaj, as with so many other Muslim leaders in the U.S., things are not always as moderate as they seem.”

Mr. Spencer reports that Wahhaj was asked whether or not he would condemn Hamas and Al-Qaeda, and instead of actually answering the question, Wahhaj,

“…launched into a lengthy complaint against his having been designated a ‘potential unindicted co-conspirator’ in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. With obvious annoyance in his voice, Wahhaj complained that that designation essentially meant nothing… Wahhaj did not explain to his UCF audience that he earned the designation by sponsoring talks in the early 1990s by the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, in mosques in New York City and New Jersey; Rahman was later convicted for conspiring to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993.

Apparently no one pressed Wahhaj about whether he condemned the jihad terror groups. Apparently also no one in the UCF audience asked Wahhaj how his view of Islam differed from that of Omar Abdel Rahman; however, if anyone had actually done so, probably Wahhaj would have supplied yet another windy non-answer, generating a great deal of righteous indignation from the Muslims in the crowd but little to nothing in the way of actual information.

Siraj Wahhaj’s contacts with the Blind Sheikh are not the only blots on his reputation as a ‘moderate.’ He has warned that the United States will fall unless it ‘accepts the Islamic agenda.’ He has also asserted that ‘if only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.’”

So, here is an American-born man who is calling for the overthrow of our Constitution and government.  There is nothing moderate about that!  The fact that this man is labeled a “moderate Muslim” demonstrates the outright deception involved in the Islamic campaign to spread Shariah law in our nation.

Mr. Spencer continues,

“So why was such a man giving a student government-funded address at the University of Central Florida last week? And why was he ever invited to give an invocation to Congress? The fact that someone who would like to see the Constitution replaced has led a prayer for those sworn to uphold it is just a symptom of a larger, ongoing problem: the government and media are avid to find moderate Muslims — and as their desperation has increased, their standards have lowered.”

Mr. Spencer also points out that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the formation of the Muslim Students Association which sponsored Wahhaj’s appearance at UCF.  The Muslim Brotherhood is behind the Muslim Students Associations all across America and Canada.  These student groups are all on-board with the Islamist agenda to take down the West.

As a final note, Mr. Spencer writes,

“Siraj Wahhaj’s appearance at the University of Central Florida is just one of many such appearances by Islamic supremacists at mosques and Muslim student groups all over the country. That such a speaker with such a history would continue to be so popular among Muslims in America is telling; but is anyone paying attention?”

Good question.  We do our best to alert the American public, to pull people out of complacency, but even though many Americans are aware, it still remains that not enough people are awake to the threat of the conquest of Islam.  We will have to stand fiercely against the steadily creeping Islamic Shariah law that is invading our country.

The Islamists are committed to the destruction of western civilization—their own words and actions tell us so.  Do not underestimate their resolve and their unity against us, and do not allow yourself to be intimidated or silenced by false accusations of “Islamophobia” or “hatred” for speaking the truth about the deadly cancer that is Islam.

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  1. Joseph C Moore USN RetOctober 7, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    "Moderate" muslims do not exist. They are apostate muslims according to the laws of the Koran and as such are subject to the same treatment as infidels (all other religions). What treatment? Beheading for their apostasy.


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