Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I Can't Forgive the Jews

By Kevin O'Neil

I make no apology for my title. The Jews have much to answer for, especially the Jews of Israel – and there’s no letting up.

I write from England, this precious stone set in the silver sea, where our forefathers were nourished on the blessed freedoms of a robust paganism. We relished our ever-inventive superstitions and gloried in unbridled passion. We made our choice between 14 gods, worshipped devils, and were in lifelong bondage to an inexorable fate known sinisterly as Wyrd. Standards there were, agreeably low.

Sure, hopeless ruffians were we, shackled to a changeless decree of the gods, but we felt mostly good about our brute lives and ourselves. We were all in the same boat, no better and no worse than the next bloke.

However, like the distant rumblings of an approaching rainstorm, the Jewish Messiah’s teachings had reached our shores in the 1st century, and their voice was growing louder. The Jewish Messiah and the Jewish Bible would become our nemesis and break open our little world.

What followed is well documented and one may Google for the relevant facts, but, for us, it meant that we could no longer enjoy the life of unbridled paganism. The bar of morality had been raised. It was a rude awakening; our stone of shelter was overturned.

Now I am reminded of a friend back in the 70's, who was employed for a few days in a factory that manufactured long, electro-plated metal rods. Turning out nearly 300 of these things every day, he was approached by the Foreman. "Look 'ere, son you're working too 'ard. The rest never do more’n 250 and you're makin’ ‘em look bad. Before we know it, everybody will be expected to do 300. Now, toe the line, there's a good lad." He was in no forgiving mood.

Similarly, are we seriously expected to forgive the Jews for turning out more ethics and ever-higher standards of morality than the rest of us? Things like love your neighbour as yourself, in place of the good old traditional do it to him before he does it to you ethic. It takes only one do-gooder to make the rest of us look bad. We might be living under a stone, but it's our stone.

20 centuries have passed and we’ve managed, with varying degrees of success, to not merely get used to this higher morality, but also to convince ourselves that we thought of it in the first place and that it had nothing to do with the Jews, their Messiah and their Bible. But prior to this Jewish education we were like Caliban in the unwholesome fen, satisfied with his water with berries in't. Ah, the savage at liberty.

We know who’s to blame for this, the Jews. What were they trying to do, for Pete's sake, bring heaven to Earth? Behold this dreamer cometh. If not for the Jews, God would most likely have remained in heaven, His Place, and never come to Earth to make us uncomfortable, by awakening in us a desire for more than berries in water.

Heaven is God's and the Earth would be ours, if not for the Jews. Unforgiveable.

Now, back in 1948, between 400,000 and 700,000 Arabsvacated their homes on the advice of their warring brethren from neighbouring lands. But, between 1948-72, 820,000 Jews were forcibly driven from their homes in the Arab countries, 200,000 finding refuge in Europe and North America, most of the others, in the State of Israel. The Muslims have sucked at the breast of the UN for 66 years whilst the Jews, from Day One, were fed and sheltered at the expense of their fellow Jews. And where are they now? Look for them and their children in the halls of academia, on the stage, in the hospitals, in the hi-tech milieu and in the Apollo Space Shuttle.

Those vexatious Jews have pride and dignity! They make the rest of us feel bad whilst the Arabs are enough to make any of us feel good about ourselves.

There was a glimmer of light when I heard the State of Israel excoriated for being apartheid. Ah, a serious flaw, I thought, but was disappointed, for the Arabs of Israel have full citizenship and enjoy equal rights with their Jewish neighbours, in fact the Arabs of neighbouring countries receive free medical care in Jewish hospitals.

And, as if this were not enough, in response to thousands of rockets lobbed from Gaza to Israel, Jews are putting their own young people at risk in a ground offensive in order to spare the lives of possibly innocent Palestinians. What’s more, they actually drop thousands of leaflets to warn the Gazan citizenry to flee the area of an impending attack. Then, they fire a rubber warning missile to knock on the roof five minutes before the real one. Finally, if the women and children have not departed, the Israelis call off the strike.

Furthermore, Israel have opened an emergency clinic near the battle zone to treat injured... Palestinians! This includes a gynecology unit. Isn’t that childbirth?!

Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me.

During the bombing of Dresden in 1945, it took a mere 3 days, to drop 3,900 tons of high explosives and incendiary (none of them rubber), destroying two-and-a-half square miles of the city centre and killing between 22,700 and 25,000 people, mainly civilians. Compare this with the 11 days which the Israelis have taken to kill 274 people, despite their having more powerful weaponry than we had in the 40s. The Israeli restraint is downright perplexing and irritating to the hypocrites in the UN.

Did we warn Dresden? No, of course not! Was a dummy hydrogen bomb dropped in advance of the real one? No! Did we burn people, blow them to smithereens, starve them? Yes. And we didn’t issue an apology to Germany or Japan for disproportionate warfare! War was war, and we insisted on ending it sooner rather than later. How do you respond to an enemy that vows to destroy you and your way of life, rape your wife and enslave your children? You kill 'em, that's what you do! And because we were all doing it, nobody felt bad about it.

But these irksome Jews, with their raising the bar ever higher, are attempting to civilise war itself, resisting the temptation to carpet bomb and visit hell on the enemy once and for all, relinquishing the crucial element of surprise by leafleteering and calling Palestinians on their cell phones first.

And the torn metal from the missiles which land in Israel? Transformed into works of art to adorn your mantlepiece. They seek to bring order and civilisation right up to the gates of Gehenna itself. If it were possible, hell itself would be abolished by these sons of David.

Col. Kemp, a British officer who served in all the major conflicts between 1977-2006, said of the Israelis, "Based on my knowledge and experience, I can say this: during operation Cast Lead, the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in the combat zones than any other army in the history of warfare."

The Jews are again leading the way to higher ground, making us uncomfortable with our double standards and our odious hypocrisy.

God bless 'em.

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