Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Can Christians View Muhammad As A Prophet?

By Ali Sina

Recently, Huffington Post published an article by a certain Dr. Craig Considine, a Catholic who says Muhamad was not only a prophet but “an exceptional person” and “the greatest and most influential human being ever to walk the face of the earth.” He said “Prophet Muhammad brought love, peace, and much more to a part of the world that had little of these things.”

Dr. Considine is not alone.  There is a bromance between the Catholic Church and Islam that as an ex-Muslim I find disturbing and alarming.  I sent this reply to Huffington Post but I do not expect them to publish it.  Truth is not in their menu.

The problem is that the above claims are not supported by Islamic scriptures. I was born a Muslim and in my state of ignorance I believed that Muhammad was all the above and more. He was the most perfect human and an example to emulate.

I woke up from that delusional thinking when I read the Quran. While every sura of that books start in the name of Allah the merciful the compassionate, the text of that book portray a ruthless and a bloodthirsty god who enjoins the believers to hate the non-believers, to not take them as friends, to fight them, to be harsh with them, to subdue them, to slay them, and to rape and enslave their women.

While the apologists of Islam claim that the book that repeatedly claims to be a clear book with no doubts in it is misunderstood the voluminous biographies of Muhammad leave no doubt that he was a mass murderer, who raided villages and towns, massacred unarmed men, took their women and children as slaves, and often picked the prettiest and youngest for himself.

In Khaibar, a Jewish town to the north of Medina, Muhammad tortured to death the youthful Kinana to make him reveal the whereabouts of his treasure. He was a goldsmith. He placed glowing coal on Kinana’s chest and blinded his eyes with a hot iron rod, and finally beheaded him.

He then sent after Safiyah, Kinana’s 17 year old wife, who was brought to him by Bilal, the first Black Muslim, accompanied by Kinana’s sister. Upon seeing the mutilated corpse of her brother, the young woman began screaming. Muhammad shouted; “take this she devil away from me.”  He then rebuked Bilal, “Don’t you have a heart to bring these women to see their loved ones in this state?”  Then the prophet of mercy took Safiyah to his tend to rape her on that very night.

While this is only one of hundreds of such stories, there is more to this tragic tale. Kinana and Safiyah were natives of Yathrib. The Jews used to live in that city for 2000 years.  In 450 A.D., a great flood destroyed most of Yemen and forced various Arab tribes of the Saba region to migrate to other parts of Arabia.  Two tribes, The Khasraj and the Aus went to Yathrib, and the Jews accepted them as refugees.

In just 170 years these refugees outnumbered the indigenous inhabitants. They made a living by working for the Jews and by highway robbery.

Rejected by his own people Muhammad turned to a group of Khazraj who had come to pilgrimage in Mecca. He told them that he is the prophet that the Jews were waiting for. But if they were to follow him, he would make them victorious over them. He said that God had ordered him to raid and to rob and if they fought for him they would be enriched beyond their imagination. And in case they were to be killed they would go to paradise where they would recline in the shade under canopies, drinking wine and playing with high bosom fair skinned virgins, while being served by young boys like pearl.

These simple minded Arabs accepted what he told them uncritically. After all they were thieves already. Why not steal in the name of God and reap also the afterlife rewards?

As the followers of Muhammad became wealthier their numbers also grew.  Islam was the most profitable business in the country. Arabs could gain wealth and women in this world and be rewarded in the next.

Muhammad knew that victory is in deceit and often said so. He always took his victims by surprise.  He fought 78 wars in just ten years after migrating to Yathrib, which he named after himself, Madinat al Nabi (Prophet’s Town). His raids are called ghazwa (raid/ambush/sudden attack) or in modern parlance, terrorism.

The Jews however did not convert and Muhammad decided to get rid of them. He banished two of their tribes and massacred the men of the third.  Boys’ genitals were inspected and if they had grown pubic hair they were executed with their fathers.  The women and children were sold into slavery in exchange for more arms.

Safiya’s father and uncle were among the men that Muhammad beheaded in Medina.  She had escaped to Khaibar, only to taste the tyranny of the prophet, the man who according to Dr. Considine brought love and peace, two years later.

These are not baseless allegations.  I have read the Quran, all the original books of history of Islam, and most books of hadith.  I did not find any love or peace in them. I am offering $50,000 to anyone who can prove me wrong.  I go further than that. If anyone can prove me wrong I will surrender myself to Muslims so they can behead me.  Everything I said is undeniable truth and I bet my life on it, literally.

Truth is often ugly. But there is no excuse to lie. The majority of Muslims don’t know the truth about their prophet. When they learn the truth they are faced with a dilemma. They must either accept everything and become terrorists or reject Islam altogether.

To be radicalized means to go to the roots. A deepened Muslim is a radicalized Muslim unless he chooses to leave Islam. There is no mystery in how Muslims become radicalized. They read the Quran, the hadith and learn about the life of their prophet.

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is only one Islam: the Islam of Muhammad and the Quran. The so called moderate Islam is the ignorance of Islam. The less Muslims know their religion the more moderate they are.  The more they deepen their knowledge the more radicalized they become.

It is no longer possible to keep the masses of Muslims in the dark.  The Internet has made knowledge accessible to everyone.  The question is which side will win. My hope is that we the apostates win and I urge non-Muslims to stand with us and not with the terrorists. The more you condone Islam the more you encourage terrorism.

While it is true that millions of Muslims are becoming radicalized, millions are also leaving Islam.  You don’t hear from us because most of us are in hiding. Many apostates could be killed by their own family if they came out to the light.

We need your help. We can help other Muslims see the truth and realize they won’t be going to any brothel in heaven if they kill you. That Islam is all a big lie; that Allah is no God and Muhammad is no prophet.

What we don’t need are the likes of Dr. Considine.  Not only he is ignorant, he is very much confused. Muhammad cursed the Christians for saying Jesus is the son of God.

The core belief of Christianity is based on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Muhammad denied the crucifixion. He said God tricked the people so that they crucified someone resembling Jesus, who cowardly went in hiding and lived a normal life in anonymity until his old age.  Clearly Muhammad Judged the Son of God with his own standard. He was so cowards that he used to wear two coats of mail and hide behind his followers, never fighting in person.

Either Muhammad lied or the Bible lies.  How can a Christian claim to believe in both these mutually contradictory beliefs?

When a friend who found Concidine’s article invited him to debate me, he replied “I don’t debate, I dialogue.”  Dialogue is conversation between two people. Debate is conversation between two people with opposing views. So basically this gentleman likes to pontificate and not be contradicted.  Truth can spark when opposing ideas collide.  So much for his interest in truth!  Ignorance has a remedy, arrogance does not.  I have yet to find a person who likes Islam and has sound reasoning.  It is impossible for someone with sound reasoning to become attracted in such an evil faith like Islam.  Muslims are born into this demonic cult but even they leave it when they apply their reason. How can one claim to be a Christian and hail also for Muhammad? Is this confusion or taqiyah at work?

We need you to help us the apostates, and to expose the truth so the moderate/ignorant Muslims can be weaned from this religion of hate and terror and join the family of mankind in amity and love.  We need truth, we need honesty, not more political correctness and more lies.

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