Saturday, January 2, 2010

Islam is an Organized Crime

Islam is the equivalent of Organized Crime
by Jay Shah

Islam and any other faith or culture cannot co-exist. Islam has perpetrated 1400+ years of child-rape, wife-beating, murder, and fraud upon the world.

Don't be fooled by those who call you "racist" or "genocidal." When it comes to evicting Islam from non muslim countries and destroying it financially and militarily, that's self-defense. Those who love Islam hate freedom, independent thought, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Islam is mass-mental-illness, a plague that must be stopped. Don't back down. Don't give in. Islam must go! Do not lend your vote to anyone who is too blind to see that the war we fight is against Islam, not terror. Islam is the enemy.

So some Muslim idiots are whining about how "fear of Islam" is a bigger terrorist threat than Islam.

Of course you Islamic "leaders" hate criticism--your cult is BUILT AROUND DECEPTION! Your income depends upon murder and hate and spreading your arrogant anhilist cult everywhere.

Any non-muslim who falls for that "you're being mean to us" crap ought to be ashamed.

ISLAM IS A CULT THAT EXISTS TO RUIN THE WORLD (they've largely already succeeded) AND THEN TAKE IT OVER. There is no such thing as a "good Muslim." Muslim is not a religion and deserves ZERO protection of any kind, including tax breaks. If the idiots we send to Congress would only stamp out ISLAM from the wallet-strings on up, America would have a much better chance of defeating Muslims overseas.

Without beating them at home, the Cancer of Islam is metastasizing ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Munna Mohan Singh, Gordon Brown, Hillary, Dumb-rockObambi, Edwards, and most of the Republican tiddlywink 08 candidates are kissing Islamic ass as fast as Imam's and Civil Rights bleeders can drop their drawers.

I'm sick of it. Isn't there any candidate who will just come out for rounding up all Muslims and deporting them (after seizing all the assets of Mosques in America)? Come on! It's the ONLY WAY we'll ever excise this cancer.

ISLAM is designed to win, to fool its enemies, to infilitrate and paralyze its enemies. ISLAM is like a combination of Lou Gehrig's Disease and Ebola.

Our republic wil FALL to ISLAM unless we wake up to what Islam really is--and the fear of those calling fear of Islam "terror" is that, in fact, many in the world HAVE AWAKENED and are calling for a total embargo and banishment of the criminal cult of Islam. That's why they are afraid, and lash out with their lies about their stupid hateful criminal murderous brain-washing cult!

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