Friday, November 5, 2010

Ending Mohamed’s 1300 year Curse

Islam is an inherently difficult proposition to maintain. It certainly can be defeated and has suffered very serious setbacks in the past, our task is to make sure that the next time it goes down, it goes down for good...

The indefensible weakness of Islam is its gross and un-disguisable opposition to Natural Laws. Natural Laws are self-evident and their validity requires no explanation. Prohibitions against murder, theft, enslavement, and causing physically injury are but a few examples where Western Christian-Judaic society and Islam are diametrically opposed. Whereas we recognize the universal nature of these Natural Laws, Islam specifically rejects the rights of all individuals that refuse to participate in their scheme. This same indefensible weakness of fundamental immorality has made Islam a curse on humanity, bringing hardship, slavery, suffering, and misery wherever it spreads.

Islam’s Precarious Situation:
In order to indoctrinate followers their natural instincts of honesty, fairness, generosity, and humanity in general must be overcome. This requires a very expensive, prolonged and concerted brainwashing and reprogramming project. In addition to the extensive system of religious schools and frequent prayers, Islam must maintain a brutal internal monitoring and policing system, all of this comes at a high economic cost. These same deviations from moral and ethical behavior make Muslims the business partners of last choice, which further complicates their situation.

Mohamedism, At Risk from Day One:
Before the death of Kadijah, his rich first wife, he lacked the financial resources to advance himself. After her death, he began robbing and massacring to satisfy his own lust, the spoils of which attracted a swarthy group of assassins finally swelling the ranks of Mohamedism. Robbing and killing were just as much a violation of Natural Laws in 622 AD as they are today and Mohamed was despised by the Christians and Jews that predominated the region. Mohamed, like his loyal followers was a criminal and he risked arrest, imprisonment, and execution for his illegal actions.

Necessity of State Supporters:
The extraordinarily expensive and risky nature of Islam has required substantial and sustained spending in order to not collapse let alone to grow. Mohamedism relies on brainwashing, ignorance, and criminality to recruit its faithful. It would be an understatement to say that this group of recruits is not exactly the makings of an economic powerhouse, in that its most economically successful group are the ignorant faction. The Mohamedists have relied on ignorant faithful and innocent victims to fund their excesses from the outset. Mohamedism has been nothing more than a pyramid scheme with a lousy product to sell.

Today territorial conquest and plunder opportunities are extremely limited, as are opportunities for piracy, and trade extortion, which leaves only state support to finance the economically and morally unviable proposition of Mohamed.

Here’s an idea of what it’s going to take:
• Europeans and Americans must educate themselves, elect, and pressure their political leaders to take decisive actions.
• Saudi Arabia and Iran are the primary state supporters of Islam; they must be economically isolated. Ignore their promises to not finance Islam they are worthless.
• Westerners must discredit Islam and embark on global education campaign revealing the truth about Mohamedism.
• Break and disable the state supporters of Mohamedism via Nuclear EMP attack on the capitals and population centers of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others as necessary.
• Evacuate all residents from Gaza and raze the city.
• Establish Crimes against Humanities Commissions in every country of the world to bring the leaders of Mohamedism and other related miscreants to justice.
• Disarm and prohibit the existence of militaries in any Muslim dominated country.
• Make practice of Mohamedism a crime and destroy all copies of the Koran in Muslim dominated countries.
• Destroy all mosques and madrassas in Muslim countries and prohibit teaching of Islamic curriculums except at the postgraduate level as a matter of intellectual curiosity.
• Establish reparations tribunals in all Muslim countries to compensate victims of Mohamedism, holding both individuals and the society at large liable.
• Outlaw the practice of Sharia Law or any other secular law in Muslim lands.

That’s a recipe for putting the Islamic Imperialism Jeanie Back in a Bottle permanently, you don’t fight cancer with cough drops, either go big or stay home.

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