Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to stop Islamic Terrorism?

By Nick Key

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mohammed Bouyeri, who killed the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh on November 2, 2004 confessed his guilt and showed no remorse for his dastardly act of Islamic slaughter.

During court trial he made following remarks: "I don't feel your pain", he told the victim's mother. "Because I was driven by my religious conviction." He also said, "If I were released and would have the chance to do it again-I would do exactly the same thing." At one point he said to the victim's mother, "I have to admit I don't have sympathy for you. I can't feel for you because I think you are a non-believer."

How could we stop Islamic Terrorism?

Yes, Islamic terrorism could be stopped if the west be united and take the right measures. West must not weigh Islamic terrorism lightly. This is a more dangerous and deadlier phenomenon than communism. It took fifty years to defeat communism. But it may take only twenty years if the West takes the right course.

But the menace may continue to grow if the West follows the fruitless policy of appeasing the Muslims, disseminating patronizing statements like: "Poisonous or perverted interpretation of peaceful Islam".

Terrorists are not misinterpreting Islam; rather they are interpreting Islam very correctly. Islam is like cancer and Qur'an is the carcinogen, which causes cancer. We must know our enemy. We must fight the cause and not the symptoms. Unless scientists can subdue the HIV virus, the cause of AIDS, scientists can never control AIDS.

Spending billions of dollars in strong security or democratization tactics will not help. Sweet appeasing talks also will do no good. Almost 80% of world Muslims does support Osama's ideology in their hearts. They only talk false sympathy in front of Westerners to please Western govt. But when inside their house, they sympathize with those suicide bombers very much. In every suicide bombings when Western cities are in chaos, peoples die, and Western economy is in shambles-most Muslims all over the world gloat in their hearts.

The West must remember that as of now-no Islamic government, or any famous Islamic Imams or Mullahs have ever issued fatwa condemning Osama's barrage of suicide bombings. Just for writing a controversial novel Salman Rushdie was sentenced to death. As of now no Muslim country sentenced Osama to death. We must ask ourselves why?

My personal view to solve Islamic terrorism:

Supreme enemy Islamic Arab imperialistic ideology must be fought in three fronts:

A. Enemy must be defeated with iron fist by waging all out war against Islamic terrorists all over the world. The West (Europe and America) must be united and declare war against Islamists. President Obama must issue personal letters to all government heads of Muslim world to cooperate, or face economic embargo.

The West must ask all Muslim Governments to cooperate honestly and actively by issuing fatwa's against terrorists. It's not enough to say, "We despise terrorism", but must act to stop this madness by strongly disassociating with the Islamists, isolating them, arresting them, and imprisoning them without any mercy. All governments of the Muslim world must impose a strict ban on all Madrashas (religious schools) and terrorist organization formed by Islamic mullahs.

B. All Muslims living in the Muslim nations must condemn terrorists and they must stop any association with those Mullahs and Islamic Imams who condone Islamic terrorism. They must not pray behind those Imams/mullahs who incite Islamic hatreds, and they must isolate them socially and politically. All Western living gullible Muslims must cooperate with the Western intelligence (like FBI, CIA) and provide them all sorts of information about militant Muslim's activity. Or face the backlash of host country.

C. The West must fight the Islam ideologically. That is the West must form a multi-national committee to investigate, scrutinize, and extract the poisonous teachings of Qur'an, which do transform a simple young human into a monster. Those scholars must find out what those Muslim mullahs/Imams teach young Muslim students in the Madrashas and other religious schools all over the world. Their findings must be submitted to the governments and published in the newspapers. Open criticisms and debates of Qur'an and Islam must be permitted by all nations.

I am positive, within 10/20 years Islamic suicide bomber's madness will be evaporated for good. If we fail to take positive actions narrated above-our civilization will perish. Killing some terrorists, arresting and killing Osama bin Laden or spending billions of dollars to establish democracy in the Middle East will solve nothing.

Because, to solve the terrorist problem, we must destroy the ultimate machine (Islam), which do create terrorists.

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