Friday, January 7, 2011

Allah is Causing Osteoporosis

Allah causing osteoporosis in muslim women who wear burqas

By olderandwiser

Medical experts in the West warn that Islamic women wearing these all-encompassing burqas in the northerly climates, which have far less sunshine, suffer much more from osteoporosis due to a lack of Vitamin D.

The garments don't let through enough sunshine. And their newborn babies are prone to getting more seizures for the same reason.

"In Ireland, which is experiencing a large influx of muslim immigrants at the moment, women wearing the burqa, doctors are warning, 'are at increased risk of pelvic fractures during childbirth because of vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight. "And babies born to women with vitamin D deficiency are also more prone to seizures in their first week of life," according to Dr Miriam Casey, expert in Medicine for the Elderly at the Osteoporosis Unit in St James’s hospital in Dublin. The burqa - an all-enveloping outer garment, does not allow enough sunlight through to give women sufficient vitamin D, she warns.

The above paragraphs are from  an article published on the internet.  The reason I am interested in this dilema for the muslim women is this: on the one hand Allah has created them to need sunlight and has created a religion that requires them to be covered head to toe not allowing them to have enough sunlight and vitamin D for bone health. 

Their is clearly a lack of logic and reason in  the religious practice of burqas.  The muslim women believe Allah created them. Allah, being all wise, created them and their babies with a need to be exposed to sunlight to prevent vitamin D defiiciencies, and prevent pelvic fracures and seizures in the infants. 

But, Allah, is also telling them to be covered at all times when outdoors with a burqa which prevents them from getting enough sunlight.  Does Allah have it in for these poor women.  He created them to need sunshine and he created Islam which is requiring them to be covered in burqas so that they cannot possibly get sunshine.

Man made religions have it in for women.  Women don't stand a chance when men are in control of "The Book"and the "prophet" and the "rules".  At some point you pick logic and mental and physical health and say "goodbye" to religion and the man made deity that has it in for you!  

All these muslim women have to do to protect themselves from osteoporosis and dangerous seizures in their newborns is throw off their burqas and the man made rule that keeps them from getting enough sunlight!  Not easy when you can be stoned and/or whipped for disobedience to the rules. 


  1. What study? Who paid for this study? How long and what was the sample size of the study? Was it double blind? If you're going to use science to make your point, use the scientific method.

    BTW, to synthesize enough vitamin D necessary to sustain a healthy adult woman the woman needs less than a half hour of sunlight a few times a week - OR, the woman can eat a healthy diet that is rich in vitamin D foods.


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