Monday, June 13, 2011

Islamic Liberalism

More Dangerous Than Radical Islam
By Lee Jay Walker

The biggest threat to all civilizations is Islamic liberalism because Islamic liberals fully understand Islamic history but like the deceivers they are; they still desire to Islamize but by Islamic dawah, stealth jihad, and Islamic kitman.

Osama bin Laden supported killing apostates, Islamic jihad, Islamic Sharia law, killing homosexuals, child marriage, stoning women to death for adultery, enslaving non-Muslims during jihad, and he believed that Muslim men would go to heaven and meet virgins after killing infidels.

The Islam of Osama bin Laden was based on Mohammed, the Koran, Hadiths and Islamic Sharia law. All the above in the previous paragraph was sanctioned by Mohammed and Mohammed himself married a child and ordered the killings of non-Muslims in the name of Allah.

Islamic liberal organizations like Muslim Bridges ( in America are openly spreading Islam despite claiming to build bridges. You only have to check their website to note that they visit Christian churches and teach people how to pray to Allah and how Islam is based on love and peace.

Of course, these liberal kitman Muslims know full well that apostates are killed in Islamic nations based on Sharia Islamic law. Therefore, Muslim converts to other religions face the death penalty in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Maldives, and Yemen.

However, the kitman liberal Muslims will state that Mohammed means peace and that Islam means love and humility. Somehow killing apostates, stoning to death, cross amputation, child marriage (child rape and still sanctioned in Saudi Arabia), stoning to death for adultery, enslaving during jihad and so on; all this means "peace" in the minds of kitman loving liberal Muslims who love to spread Islamic dawah by stating complete lies.

Muslim Bridges also plays the race card and states how ethnicity is not important in Islam and so forth. This organization praises the fact that mixed marriages can be seen openly in Mecca and all because of the greatness of Allah.

Strange because slavery was not abolished until the 1960s in the lands of Mecca and Medina and this only happened because of external pressure by non-Muslim nations. Also, in modern day Mauritania and Sudan it is clear that black Africans are treated with disdain and that slavery is a constant threat.

Another point which Islamic liberals gloss over is the fact that non- Muslim men face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia for marrying a Muslim female. Yes, for an act of love the reality of Islam in accordance to Islamic Sharia law means death in the lands of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Maldives, Yemen and a few other nations.

Of course the liberal media machine, the United Nations and political leaders in the West desire to ignore this reality. After all, the non-Muslim world must show its fairness while Islamists kill Buddhists in southern Thailand and marry non-Muslims freely and without any hindrance.

It seems that Islamic fanatics and Islamic liberals can't lose because either way it is a win-win situation. Therefore, the Muslim population keeps on growing in India and the United Kingdom and at the same time the Hindu population faces complete annihilation in Pakistan and the same fate awaits the Christian community in Iraq.

If you magnify organizations and individuals like Muslim Bridges then it is abundantly clear that liberal Islam is the real threat to non- Muslim nations. Also, liberals in the West and India are bending over backwards in order to allow this lie to spread despite Islamic sources in the Koran and the Hadiths which state the opposite.

Therefore, for every non-Muslim who is converted to radical Islam in mainly non-Muslim nations, you will have another 99 who are converted to liberal Islamic kitman, whereby Islamic dawah openly enabled lies to be told in order to spread the faith.

The madness of these Islamic liberals is much worse than individuals like Osama bin Laden who fully understood the reality of Islam.

After all, if you look at Afghanistan then firstly liberal Islam was spread along with the Sufi deceivers who are dangerous because they first went out and converted in the name of deceit and lies.

Once the faith spread and Islam grew in power then Buddhism, Hinduism and all non-Muslim faiths in Afghanistan were doomed to slavery and the Islamic inquisition.

In time Islamization would take place in Afghanistan and all Buddhists and Hindus faced the sword of Islam. After this, the various thought patterns in Islam were seen to be problematic because past culture remained therefore the Sunni Islamic Taliban emerged and now it was the turn of Shia Muslims and other non-Sunni branches to face the wrath of pure Sunni Islamization.

Liberal Muslims are the real threat because Islamic armies can no longer invade the majority of non-Muslim nations. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and others are spreading Islam via Islamic dawah, deceit and open lies in order to Islamize.

It is vital that non-Muslim religious leaders and politicians don't fall into this trap and the truth about Mohammed, slavery in Islam, child marriage, and so forth; must be told to the masses in order to fight stealth jihad and liberal Islam.

Islamic fanatics like Osama bin Laden only wake people up to the real hatred of Islamic dogma. However, the television version of Malcolm X who supported the slave owning Mohammed is the real threat alongside organizations like Muslim Bridges.

This is based on the reality that Islam is being revamped in the mainly non-Muslim world in order to Islamize and Islamic liberals, Islamic kitman and stealth jihad is a trinity which is much more powerful than Islamic terrorism.

In nations where non-Muslim minorities are small they face the sword of Islam and in modern day Somalia the Islamic inquisition is in full swing and many Christians have been beheaded and killed in gruesome ways. The same barbarity is being unleashed against Buddhists in southern Thailand and against minorities in a host of other nations.

However, in the non-Muslim world the threat is liberal Islam, stealth jihad and Islamic kitman. This threat is magnified by the "enemy from within" and many universities, the mass media, Western politicians and liberal non-Muslim religious leaders are bending over backwards in order to accommodate the Islamic faith.

Yet history tells us that Islam cares little about accommodation and the Islamization of Kashmir, Kosovo, Pakistan, Iraq, southern Thailand, and in other parts of the world, is ongoing in the twenty- first century.


  1. You got your facts all twisted and nothing is new to us Mulsims we have heard all that and are sick and tired of the one sided, biased and prejudiced vitriols. The Muslims are the ones being suppressed in Southern Thailand to point one important error in your article...and that's a fact.

  2. Hye Anonymous Jan 6 2012, 648pm,

    I beg to differ. It's the muslim jihadists that are killing both Buddhists/non-muslims & muslims ('colloborators') in southern Thailand. Their agenda is to create an Islamic state. The Buddhist aren't killing anyone in the name of their religion (Buddhist criminals murdering are a different case altogether). There's a difference when evil is perpetrated in the name of God vs common crime. Well in Islam everything is binded in religion hence an exception to this. Mind you in southern Philippines --> Mindanao, it's the minority muslims (MILF, Abu Sayyaf) that are kidnapping & killing (immigrant/settler & now majority) Christians. The Christians have yet to set up militias or 'crusader' squads to hunt & terrorize the muslims to submission. Same goes in India, Islamists have been launching attacks in Mumbai, but have you heard of any terrorist attack in Islamabad or Karachi launched by Hindu terrorists? Be honest with yourself. Do you know in Malaysia that the nonmuslim population is discriminated? There's a state sanctioned racism & fanaticism policy. Do you know back in 2010 several Christian churches were burned in Malaysia? (Google it)Did the Christians retaliated in madness? No. Most of the nonmuslims are level headed & not inclined to fanaticism. Do you know that countless of Christians in Egypt have been killed in their churches (Google it) & their churches burned & destroyed? Have you heard of Boko Haram? Do you know that they are on a fanatical killing spree killing Christians & destroying peaceful Christianity in Nigeria in their pursuit of an Islamic state? Google it. Do you know that Christians & murtads in Pakistan have been raped & killed & their homes destroyed? This happens in other Islamic countries as well. Can you imagine if a Christian is killed/persecuted because he wants to convert to Islam? That doesn't happen but it happens for those that want to leave Islam. Google Lina Joy of Malaysia. Do you know in islamic countries, a nonmuslim is forced to convert to Islam if he/she wants to marry a muslim? Good way to increase the fanatical population. Google it. Have you heard of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan? It was dynamited by the Talibans in 2001 on grounds of idolatry. Did the Buddhists worldwide went rioting (as the muslims will over a cartoon) & pursued a murderous rampage on minority muslims in Thailand, China, Taiwan or etc? None. Do you know that the Chinese (China) government severely persecutes Tibetans & the Dalai Lama? Have you heard the Dalai Lama calling Tibetan Buddhists to wage war on the 'infidel' Chinese? Hello be honest to yourself. Yes I know you will likely cite the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan & occupation of Israel to argue that muslims are equally persecuted. I would like you to note that Israel doesn't kill indiscriminately. They are hunting for jihadists such as Hezbollah & Hamas. Sometimes innocents do get killed but it's not done on purpose. Even before the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan the fanatical violence mentioned still occurred.Somalia has been in fanatical mayhem since 1990s. It's not like there was a sudden spike of religious madness because of the Iraq & Afghan war. It's caused by the desire to set up a fanatical Islamic state. If you were to make an honest unbiased observation, you will notice the muslims (not all of them though, but the silent ones are not protesting against the madness, making them somewhat complicit to the crime) are terrorizing population at large regardless if they form a majority (eg. Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt & etc.) or if they form a minority (eg. Thailand, the Philippines, India, Europe, the USA). The fundamental freedom & respect given in non muslim countries allow minority muslims to bully & terrorize despite their numbers. I've given you a huge amount of example, just go through it & think freely.


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