Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Terrorizing Our Own

By Daniel Greenfield

Airline travelers flying the unfriendly skies are presented with two options, that are actually only a single option, to have themselves and their children degraded in public in order to spare Muslim feelings. That we have a ban on profiling travelers, but no ban on molesting or humiliating them, tells us everything we need to know about why we have the current system that we do.

In a war we terrorize the enemy. In a siege we terrorize our own. And we have been terrorizing our own for a long time now.

In 1999, we dropped thousands of tons of explosives on Yugoslavia, bombing trains, fuel depots, homes, bridges and people. We did that in order to give the Muslim drug dealing terrorists of the KLA their own state. Today that state is a gateway for drug trafficking and sex slaves into Europe, and a training ground for terrorists.

Since 1991, we have been bribing, intimidating and pressuring Israel to give the Muslim-Marxist terrorists of the PLO their own state. Flip open any newspaper and you can find articles and editorials dripping with outrage because after 18 years of terrorism, the terrorists still haven't gotten their own state.

Now we're terrorizing ordinary Americans for being critical of Islam. Drop a bible in the toilet, and you've created art. Drop a Koran in the toilet, and you've committed a hate crime. What's the difference? Muslim privilege. Offending Jews or Christians results in strongly worded letters. Offending Muslims results in murder. And to avoid murder, we privilege Muslims. We give them special rights. We ban criticism of their ideology. We refuse to publish cartoons that will touch off their homicidal urges.

But we go beyond that still.

We molest 3 year olds in airports, because we can't possibly screen Muslim terrorists. No, we must spread the abuse and humiliation to ordinary Americans, so that the people who are trying to kill us never feel bad about it.

The Christmas Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, got on board without even showing a passport. Meanwhile senior citizens with serious medical problems are being humiliated at checkpoints. The 9/11 attackers breezed through a system geared to move Saudis into the United States as fast as possible. And any attempt to shut down the pipeline from the Muslim world into America, triggers an instant revolt from universities that draw revenue from foreign students and companies which rely on cheap H1-B visa labor.

TSA security measures have not stopped a single terrorist. Their only purpose is to show that the government is "taking terrorism seriously". And when the TSA rolls back the measures, as they are intended to by design, the politicians will take credit and the government will blame the next terrorist attack on the public for opposing tougher security measures. The people in charge don't care either way. Their only interest is in covering their asses for the day when something does happen, so they can claim that the system worked. Until then they're far more interested in how much money they can pick up from TSA unionization, than from stopping an attack.

The Muslim terrorists don't care that much either. They're not sacrificing any major assets on these attacks. The bombers they're sending out are young and dumb. If they succeed, it's a long shot and their backers will celebrate. If they don't succeed, their backers will still celebrate because the long range plan is in motion. And the long range plans depends not on blowing up airplanes, but on terrorizing their enemies.

Muslims don't need to actually blow up planes in order to terrorize Americans. All they need to do is to force Americans to live with the possibility that their plane might blow up. To make them live with the checkpoints, with the sense of helplessness and humiliation of tough security measures, and to pit them against their governments. And right now they're laughing themselves silly in Riyadh and Tehran, every time there's another TSA story coming down the wire. Because their endgame is working.

In a war, you terrorize the enemy. In a siege, you terrorize your own. The Muslims are fighting a war against us, while we're living under siege. And terrorizing our own.

Muslim terrorists don't expect to wipe out America with a bomb. Their goal is to break American morale. To shift the context so effectively that America will be willing to cut any kind of deal with them, in order to get things back to normal. The idea seems absurd right now, but it's actually coming along really well.

A few months ago, the authorities decided that there's no such thing as free speech when it comes to the Koran. Anyone who burned a copy of their own Koran was charged with being responsible for the Muslim murders of Americans. And that's the essence of being a Dhimmi, to accept responsibility for the violence of your oppressors. That is the Muslim Privilege that Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus and millions of others have had to live with, while under the Islamic boot.

If we can give up free speech in the face of Islam, we can give up anything. You won't see the Dutch cartoons of Mohammed appear in American newspapers. Articles that connect the Koran to Muslim violence are forbidden. Burning a Koran gets you fired by the State of New Jersey and fined by the State of Florida. And all that is only the beginning. It's the start of what Muslims will demand from us.

But once we have gotten used to accepting any violation of our rights in order to stay safe, then we are walking along a shadowy bridge between the TSA and Islam. Between surrendering to the TSA in the name of security, to surrendering to Islam in order to gain a sense of security. And that is the road, that the bearded monarchs behind the terrorists want us to walk. At the end of the road is the choice between being a Dhimmi or a Muslim. To be one of the oppressed or the oppressors.

Countless peoples have had that choice offered to them throughout history. And those who voluntarily converted to Islam chose to be the oppressors, the killers and the slave-masters. That is what Islam really is, the historical legacy of a billion people who chose to brutalize others, rather than to be brutalized. To enslave others, rather than to be slaves. It is the poisonous dregs of the human soul, the choice that destroys your morality and humanity in the making of it. That is what being a Muslim really means.

That is what Muslim privilege really is. And we are living under it today. We are not only under siege by Islam, we are under siege by our own political and cultural elites who have already preemptively surrendered to Islam. Who refuse to fight a war, and instead wait for the siege to end.

Ali Sina, of FaithFreedom has courageously paraphrased Lincoln's "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master", by saying, "As I would not be a dhimmi, so I would not be a Muslim." But many Western leaders are throwing their support to Islam. They are sacrificing other free nations and even the dignity and pride of their own people. They are voluntarily becoming Dhimmis, so that they can stay one step ahead of the tide. So that they can be the "House Negroes", while their citizens can be the field slaves. They endorse the bigoted tenets of Sharia law, the oppression and the dehumanization of Islam, because they believe that Islam is inevitable.

That is the ugly truth at the bottom of it all. The reason why we are terrorizing our own, rather than terrorizing our enemies. You can see it in the pathetic appeasement of Islam, the acts of humiliation and degradation, the bowing and scraping before desert tyrants with hardly a single moral to their name. You can hear echoes of it in George W. Bush warning Christian leaders that it was impossible to fight all of Islam. You can see it in the various "Nation Building" and "Hearts and Minds" strategies being deployed at the expense of our soldiers' lives. We can see it everywhere.

They believe that we can't win. So they've already surrendered. The TSA measures aren't meant to keep us safe, but to protect them from blame when the inevitable happens. To keep the public cowed and in their place, to avoid any violence during the coming "transition" from freedom to Islam. Terrorizing our own is the symptom of a siege state. Of rats crammed together in a box, biting each other and establishing dominance within the confines of their prison. The siege state is turning the free world into a prison. Terrified by Muslim demographics and the thought of breaking through the Overton Window of ideas that can't be acted on, we are locking ourselves up in cages of our own making. And our new masters wait on the other side.

(Note: Illustrations for this article are satirical photoshops. This has not happened yet. But it's only a matter of time.)

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