Friday, December 3, 2010

Who is Defending Jihad Now?

Just about the time when the Islamist jihadists were mercilessly killing infidels in Mumbai, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution making the criticism of Islam a criminal offence, punishable by imprisonment. The Saudi King was the greatest proponent of such a vicious universal law This UN law is designed mainly to castigate the critics of Islam for saying that Islam is responsible for the Islamist terrorism. The King, being the defender of Islam and the caretaker of the two most holy sites of Islam, Mecca and Medina, can never admit that the Islamist terrorism emanates straight from the Qur’an, ahadith, sharia and Sunna. According to the UN resolution—the victims of jihad are the culprits themselves—Islam has nothing to do with it.
This resolution cleverly says it applies to all religion; but any one can tell that it is designed specifically for Islam. No other religion in the world, so far, has urged the UN to pass such a resolution. That OIC and the Saudi King will push for the UN to pass this unfair law is understandable, because these elements are bound by the Islamic tenet to implement Islam around the globe.
What is amazing is how easily the infidel world surrenders to these forces. Is it believable that the infidel world, through their misguided, ‘please Islam’ policy, is leading the world to a catastrophic confrontation with the Islamic world? It is time to expose the hypocrisy and sheer doleful attitude of the infidel world towards the menace of Islam. Islam is a mortal threat to current civilization—the Islamists never hide this truth. To use the description, what the Qur’an describes as ‘deaf’, ‘dumb’, and ‘blind’, it is the un‑Islamic world that is yet to comprehend the utter danger that Islam poses to them.
Below I have compiled a short list of infidels’ apathy that defies logic and rationality. Pursue this list and you will certainly discover many such acts of infidels which, if not curbed immediately, will pave the way for Islamic victory. We must remember that the UN resolution has made it illegal to fight Islamic jihad—militarily or otherwise.
Here is the list:
  • Do not mention Islam: the Islamist terrorists might be offended.

  • Do not quote those murderous verses of the Qur’an: the Saudis will be angry, oil price might go up.

  • Do not say Islamic terrorism: the umma will be upset. Instead, say anything, such as: gunmen, hijackers, bombers, perpetrators, rioters…We have to keep the umma happy.

  • Offer a prayer room to the Islamic students in all infidel universities; else they will demonstrate in front of the chancellor’s office. We do not like agitation. Let us please Islam.

  • When the Islamist terrorists are slaughtering the infidels say, “Islam is peace”: we must not provoke the Islamic killers.

  • When the Saudi government asks the infidel government to build a mosque, we must not protest, even though the Saudi Kingdom does not allow any non‑Islamic place of worship. We must abide by the rule of Saudi Arabia, lest they get angry and finance more jihad.

  • Let the Islamists have fun with our girls; we must not date or touch Arab/Muslim girls, it injures their pride; their women are their pride possessions; our women are dirt, prostitutes, objects of enjoyment, and cat’s meat. Let Islam purify our girls.

  • Following the Qur’anic instructions the Taliban demolishes the Bamian Buddha statue. Let us not blame Islam: Pakistan and Afghanistan might be angry; they may not help us in the war on terror.

  • The root cause of animosity between Pakistan and India, or rather between the Muslims of India and the Hindus is the invasion by the murderous Arabs, Turks, the Persians, and the Mughals. Together, they have slaughtered around 50‑70 million indigenous Indians and enslaved (converted to Islam by force or otherwise) millions of them. Let’s not mention this; it will spoil our relationship with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, our trusted allies in the battle on terror.

  • There is every proof that the Saudi financing of terror operation is the main source of revenue for the Islamist terrorists, their ideologues, trainers and sponsors. Let us not utter the word Saudi Arabia: they might cut off our oil supply, stop huge bribes to our politicians, and halt sponsoring multi-million dollar Islamic chairs in our prestigious universities. Our erudite professors will miss the oil money that supports their life style. Our professors need fat pay to survive; we do not have the money. The Saudis have; so they can buy our professors. Authors, who dare to disclose the truth, we let them face the court cases brought by the Saudi sponsors of terror. We have no fortitude to protect our writers’ freedom of expression.

  • Islamists threaten to vaporize the citadels of western civilization: New York, Pentagon, White House, London, Paris, Amsterdam…but let us not provoke them; we better not use counter threat—to destroy the nerve centers of Islam: Kaba, Mecca, Medina, and Damascus. We prefer to pay jizya to live in peace with Islam.

  • Islamists do jihad in India to annihilate the Hindu rule, to replace it with Islamic Sharia. Let us not blame Islam for this, lest the Islamic brothers in Pakistan get offended and attack Indian parliament one more time. Instead, let us blame Kashmir.

  • Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian exhibits Fitna depicting ‘peaceful’ Islam in action, in exactly the manner prescribed by the Qur’an. We have no guts to back up Geert Wilders. We value our Islamic friends more than the freedom of expression. We need oil money. Let us condemn Wilders for hurting the Islamic feeling of our Islamic friends, even though the Qur’an says Islam cannot be at friends with the infidels.

  • When an infidel woman visits an Islamic paradise she is forced to wear hijab/jilbab. Islamists do this by force of law; it is Islamic tolerance. But we have not guts to retaliate; we have little courage to enforce that a Muslimah visiting an infidel territory must discard her hijab/jilbab.

  • Centuries before Muhammad’s birth, Jews had occupied vast swathe of land in Arabia. Ditto for the Christians. Muhammad forcibly banished them from their ancestral land. Let us not mention this, lest our Palestinian brothers start intifada in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich…We are afraid of them; we are scared of blood in our streets. Instead, let us uphold the ‘legitimate’ rights of the Palestinians to return to their ancestral land. The Jews have no such right.

  • In the yearly hajj assembly the pilgrims pelt stones at three Satans (jamrat), which today, are: America, the great Satan and UK, the little Satan. The third one is perhaps Russia. Amazingly, CNN (American TV media) and UK sends TV crews and journalists to provide extensive coverage of this assembly of ‘peaceful’ Islam: We have no backbone to call spade a spade. We would rather be stoned than face the Islamic sword. Having covered this jihad assembly, CNN and western media propagate Islam. We would rather promote Islam than annoy the Saudi King and the umma.

It is incredible how an imbecile, spineless, demented infidel world is slowly succumbing to the might of Islam. When UN passes resolution banning Islamphobia, we may say the UN actually submits to the religion of ‘peace’: Islam. With the flood of oil money which entices all its fifty-seven members to vote for the resolution, it is now OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) who really controls the UN General Assembly.
Clearly, the Islamic Caliphate is right here: it is OIC. Do the infidels get the message?
Abul Kasem is an Bengali freethinker and is a teacher by profession and writes from Australia. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of several e-Books including: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. His latest contribution is in the book Why We left Islam, edited by Susan Crimp et al. He can be contacted at and


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