Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear Father,

By Heidi

I really don’t need to write to you because you already know me and my thoughts anyway and you hear me. But today, I am writing you because I would like for the people to read it. I want to bring them along in my relationship with you.

We have Christmas. It is possible that the birth of Your Beloved Son wasn’t at this time of the year. A few scientists believe they have figured it out. I also must admit that until now I haven’t been a real fan of Christmas. This commerce bothers me. I feel like it is also bad that the people are all wound up, chasing after gifts, and therefore don’t even think about the greatest gift that You have prepared for them. You Yourself came in order to save us from sin and guilt, to restore our relationship with You through Your Son. They don’t see You, they don’t hear You; Your soft voice that wants to tell them how much You love them. If they could only know how important they are to You. They wouldn’t just walk up to You, they would run. If only they could know how good You are. Yes, You are “the loving God.” Our parents and grandparents always knew that. If only they could see, if only they would listen…

Ever since I know that certain powers in our country that You have given us would like to see this holiday disappear, since then I have wanted to keep Christmas. It reminds me about You, or at least it should. How beautiful it was as a child. My parents prepared everything so secretly and with love. There was rustling and baking like in the song with the Christmas bakery. Mom had for months already been buying gifts and hiding them, which I would look for for the longest because of pure curiosity until I had found them. It wasn’t easy for her to do this. She didn’t have a lot of money so she could buy everything she wanted to. Christmas was full of love. We went once a year to the church, which was often cold, simply not heated. And thus, only there did we hear about You and then afterward enjoyed the gifts. It was a beautiful time.

Hardly anymore is a “beautiful” or much less “blessed Christmas” wished by anyone. Christmas is called Xmas, in Kindergarten everything else possible is told so that the Muslims are insulted. Where then do we really live? Today we’re told that Islam belongs in Germany. Christmas no longer, You neither, rather the godless Islam. You know, they’re disowning You. You are not the Lord they worship. Church leaders claim that Moslems and all the others worship the same God. But that can’t at all be because they reject Jesus Christ as God’s Son. It’s the exact opposite. You describe them as antichrists in the Bible because they have come to deny Christ as a man. They don’t worship you! How then can it be said that Islam belongs in Germany? Father, You know what Islam is. You know who people suffer in other countries where Islam has taken over. Please, Father, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, keep us and our descendants from this diabolical reign of terror. Please Lord, let the people in Germany wake up, at best BEFORE the first bombs begin to fly. And then … they call us “stupid potato-heads.” Imagine that. We, as an educated nation, are only stupid potato-heads in their eyes. Potatoes have no brain; they have to know that. They also call Your people Israel “apes” and us Christians “pigs.” If they have such names for us, I has myself, of whose spirit are they the children?

I believe it was Heinrich Heine that said: At night of Germany I ponder and soon I’m brought to slumber. Dear Father, I still sleep well, but when I awaken I see that our beautiful land is in danger. You also see it. This land where many people in the past centuries have lived that love You. This land where there is so much valuable water: rivers, lakes, two seas, and sometimes lots of rain that doesn’t always fit our fancy. We have forests and beautiful meadows and so much more. Thank You for giving me a love for my country and my people. I know that both are from You.

Father, we are now also among the next groups that want to destroy Germany. We have Red and Green, Left and Right. We really don’t need all of this. They want to hold the power in the country, to possess influence, and then oppress others. We’ve had that already twice, as You know. I think that’s enough! We don’t need any right-wingers or any left-wingers, we don’t need this godlessness. The people are open-minded and have faith for so much nonsense, but they don’t want to trust in You. They think You don’t exist. What idiocy. If they would at least inquire about it. But today, they don’t even know what came first: the hen or the egg. They think themselves wise in being able to act scientifically, etc., but they can’t handle the simple things in life because they don’t want Your help. When Jesus Christ came upon the Earth, He said that we people were like sheep without a shepherd. Today, we would say like a car without GPS or the like. Don’t let our government act just against the Right, but against the Left as well.

Christmas, though, is not beautiful for everyone. You see the lonely old people at home and in the elder care homes. It makes me sad when I think about them, and I know you also understand me… They are also part of my people! How unloving, though, we have become. We seem to have everything but really have nothing at all. And what is it with the divorced ones; what has become of families? Various groups would like to force their laws through and be placed on an equality with marriages and families. But how did I play as a child: father, mother, child. That is the Godly order, which You have shown us, the most natural in the world. In the last century, the men and, therefore, the fathers were drawn off into wars. The families were mostly without the father and husband. Then this chaos of the 60s liberals whose effects we can still see today in those who have “stayed young.” But what kind of situation are we now in? Things truly are going well for us, no war, no real lack, even though some say that there are so many below the poverty line in Germany. Surely they have never been in Asia or Africa where people starve in the street. How can they speak of poverty in our wealth? Yes, we have poverty, a different kind, poverty in relationships, in the families, etc. But we nonetheless have warm dwelling places, something to eat, even the homeless.

Father, save our country and my people.

Bless the people who bless us and take care of those who have evil in mind.

Forgive us for forgetting You, that we haven’t sought You out in prayer.

Forgive us for using Your Name in vain because what does “Christian” or “Christian democratic,” etc. mean if it doesn’t have anything more to do with You? It is a breach against one of Your commandments when we speak your name in vain.

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. (Exodus 20:7 esv)

Forgive us for distorting Your Word and that the Word of God is no longer preached.

Forgive us for our godlessness and pride.

Forgive us for killing our babies before they even come into the world and make creams and more out of them.

Forgive our hard-heartedness toward the elderly.

As You have said in Your Word, the Bible:

And because lawlessness [the law/Word of God is meant here] will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12 esv)

Yes, it has gotten cold in Germany.

Dear Father, help us so that all of the coming generations may be able to live here in peace.

Help us to speak boldly about You, to spread further the love of Your Son Jesus Christ that our world so desperately needs.

Thank You that You came to us in Your Son as Immanuel – God with us.

Thank You that Jesus is the greatest example that has ever lived for us.

Thank You for all your patience and that you love people and even the animals.

Dear Father, thank You that every person has the chance to find their way to You, not just because the birth of Jesus but also because his death on the cross and the Resurrection.

Thank You dear Lord Jesus for dying for our sins and guilt so that we may be able to stand blameless before God.

Thank You for coming to us.

There is hope. You are our hope.

Your Heidi

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