Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Innocent Prophet

By Imran Firasat

Two months ago a movie “The Innocence of Muslims” was uploaded on internet from USA, which showed how Muhammad falsely created his religion, Islam, How he used to kill people in the name of his made-up God, and how he lusted for women and sex.

Muslims as usual couldn´t bear the truth and responded with violence, killing innocent people and vandalizing American and other western embassies and desecrated the flags of those countries.

Now my question is: Should we stop speaking truth about Islam because of the fear of unjustified and violent consequences from the blind Muslims? And should we lose our right of freedom of expression just because a group of people do not have capacity to bear the truth? No, we are not going to accept any of these choices. We shall never stop calling wrong to something what is indeed wrong. We shall never let anyone to snatch our fundamental right of liberty of expression.

On one hand Muslims say that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion but on the other hand they do all what is against humanity. Which is the real face of Islam? What is actually Islam?

If we want to know the truth of Islam, first we must go deep into the life of Muhammad to find out whether he was a genuine prophet sent by God or was he simply a child molester, assassin and a self acclaimed prophet?

I am pretty sure, if we find out the truth of Muhammad, we´ll also find out what Islam truly is. It is time to clear all the doubts and to accept the reality. For that purpose I have brought a movie to you on Muhammad´s life which will help you to recognize the truth (expressed from the point of view of an ex Muslim).

After long confusion and a hard fight between my heart and mind, I have decided the title of my movie to be “The Innocent Prophet”. I know it is very similar to the recently released movie “The Innocence of Muslims”. But believe me, I have no intentions to copy that title. I decided to go for the title “The Innocent Prophet”, because I wanted to use it as a taunt on Muhammad. Calling him innocent is like slapping him. It is simply a taunt on Muhammad that how innocent he was that he used to kill people, abuse minors, create false religion, but still he was very innocent. Here I present you the trailers of the movie “The Innocent Prophet” which is coming soon and being made in several languages like: English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Indonesian. I hope that after watching this movie the non Muslims will be compelled to think whether they should allow Islam to be existed in their modern societies or not. And Muslims will also give a serious thought to their future with Islam, without committing any violence, as the purpose behind making this movie is not to offend any human being but is only to express my point of view on the life of the innocent prophet of Islam which I think is completely true.


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