Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Modus Operandi of Islam

By Anand

Every religion has two parts – theory and practice. So does Islam.

The theory part of Islam is: Quran, Hadis and Sira (biography of Muhammad).

The practical part is: Daily 5 times congregational prayers, Friday congregational prayer with sermons, Jihad, Haj (a copycat of pagan Arab idolatry), and implementation of sharia law.

Most Muslims don’t read theory, because many of them are illiterate and most don’t know Arabic to understand those sacred texts properly. Now with the help of internet, and the sacred Islamic texts available in many languages, they have started understanding the theory part of Islam. When they understand it, they become atheist. Still the vast majority of Muslims are unaware about these theories. They follow it blindly. They are doing just practice part of it, which they pick up as social practices as part of their growing up. This way, they become the victims of Islam unawarely.

At the time of Muhammad, Muslims were just following the practical aspect of Islam or doing as Muhammad was instructing them. The theoretical texts were not yet available. The Quran was published decades after the death of Muhammad with limited number of copies in circulation. Biographies started being written nearly 150 years after Muhammad’s death and Hadis were compiled 200 years after or even later. Hence, for one to be a Muslim, the most important part is to understand the practical side of Islam, understanding the theory, however important, is not essential.

Daly 5-time prayers, preferably in congregation, are the first pillar of practical Islam. Praying in congregation on Friday noon (Juma) is a must. Congregational prayer helps create band or group feeling. And the Imams in their Juma prayer sermons, quoting from the Quran and Sunnah, incite them to Jihad. As a result, most riots by Muslims happen after Friday Juma sermons.

These sermons incite Muslims in the prayer congregation to unleash violence against perceived offenders of Islam and the prophet, or against un-Islamic ways and means, for implementing the sharia, or just for persecution of the infidels.

Sharia is the constitution of Saudi Arabia. Actually, Islam is sharia and sharia is Islam. Thus, Islam is not a spiritual or religious movement; it is purely a political movement.

One of my Muslim friends once said in boastful manner, “Islam is army of Allah, Imams are captain and Muslims are soldier”. When I observe the modus operandi of Islam closely, I find this claim totally true. Jihad, i.e. killing, raping and looting of non-Muslims, is practical of Islam. Haj, the pre-Islamic Arab idolatry, is practical of Islam.

Muslims build mosques, give call to prayer (Azaan), create crowds, incite the prayer-attendees by hate-filled Friday sermons to Jihad, and implement Sharia by hook or crook. This is the modus operandi of Islam.

If you see Muslims going to attend Friday prayer when something perceivably offending-to-Islam happened in the area or beyond, you should be alerted because Jihad violence may soon follow.

Certainly some Muslims are good human beings, who believe in pluralism and freedom of faith. But where Muslims are in majority, they reject freedom of faith to non-Muslims or persecute them through all kinds of means and policy tools. In such places, the period following the Friday congregational prayer is a time of serious concern and alarm for non-Muslims. This is part of the modus operandi of Islam.

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  1. And Ezra blessed the Lord, the great God, and all the people answered, "Amen, Amen," with the uplifting of their hands, and they bent their heads and prostrated themselves to the Lord on their faces to the ground. (Nehemiah 8:6)

    The verses above shows that past Prophets were Muslims (submit to God).

    Please read Isaiah prophesied the coming of New Servant, Muhammad (pbuh)


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