Sunday, November 10, 2013

Islam = Cancer

Taken from Politically Incorrect

Islam is a cancer. So believes Michael Stürzenberger who must give an account for this statement before the Munich district court for alleged insulting of a religious confession. He’s right, says his defense attorney who filed four motions of evidence with around 150 pages in order to give that factual foundation. It’s not about that, district attorney Henkel says: “Cancer” is an “insult”; the facts weren’t of interest in this context. The defense took this as an opportunity to impart a few lessons to Madame district attorney Henkel, and that in oncology and sociology.

“In the trial against Michael Stürzenberger (for the accusation of the disparagement of confessions), case number 844 Cs 111 JS 126317/13, the defense is thankful for the opportunity to take a position that is granted him with the writing of the court on 22 October 2013 installment 1.

In the position of the district attorney of 15 October 2013 installment 2, with which the suggestion that the four evidence proposals given be rejected due to irrelevance for the trial, is unfortunately produced by a misunderstanding of the linguistic connection between the symbol and the label.

If the label, that is Islam, is such as presented under evidence, then the lable is also, i.e., a cancer, an precise social scientific analogy to a correctly used medical term.

It remains the secret of the district attorney as to how the use of the term “cancer” should be an “insult”; she doesn’t find herself in the position of having to support this, and doubtlessly raises herself above the context of the isolated accused expression that this is to be seen as an exact sociological analogy to a correctly employed oncological term and not as an insult.

Meanwhile, the resistance of facts by the district attorney can be helped out by another motion of evidence:

Expert witness Prof. Dr. Armin Geus, professor emeritus for medical history, and as author of the much acclaimed standard work “The Disease of the Prophet,” is an internationally leading medical historian and a designated scholar of the mental illness of the prophet Mohammed that manifests itself in the Koran, the Hadith, the Sira, Islam and unfortunately many Muslims as well.

He can be summoned by way of Marburg University, Post for History of Medicine, Bahnhofstrasse 7, 35037 Marburg, and will confirm the following analogies according to the work by Thews et al. on Pathophysiology as being unequivocally applicable and therefore not “insulting” but rather “scientific.”

The expert witness will show: “Everything that one can say about cancer applies to Islam:

1. Autonomy

“Malignant tumors bear as characteristic an overreaching growth of bodily cells that live autonomously, that is independent of the superordinate regulation systems of the organism.”
In exactly the same way, Muslims increasingly do not live according to the law of their corresponding countries but according to the Sharia whereby they circumvent the control of the corresponding legal system until this is destroyed. Germany, Turkey, Syria and Afghanistan under the Taliban demonstrate only differing degrees of growth of the cancer of Islam.

2. Lethality

“Malevolent (malignant) tumors are characterized by the fact that they “as a rule lead to the death of the one affected when untreated.”
Likewise uninhibited islamization leads to the complete destruction of a society to the point of sinking down to the level of Stone Age under the failure of all functioning structures, such as could be observed in Afghanistan under the Taliban and is to be experienced as well advanced in Somalia, far advanced in real time in Syria.

3. Quick Growth

“Malignant tumors are characterized mostly by quick growth with a high cell division rate.”
Likewise, Islam is characterized by a very quick growth through warlike expansion, infiltration by means of targeted deception and birth jihad, which in Nigeria, for example, has led in the past 30 years to the Christian majority becoming the persecuted minority and the Muslim minority becoming the aggressive persecuting majority.

4. RNA Surplus

“The cytoplasm exhibits a high content of ribonucleic acids. The nucleus-plasma relationship is displaced in favor of the nucleus.”
Likewise, each society requires a heritage from myths, religion, philosophy, etc. However, when a society defines itself only according to its ideological heritage and transforms all branches from that, for example, law, economy, finances, marriage, family, child rearing, education, science, etc., then all social subsystems will be completely interfused by the ideology and destroyed: They can no longer function autonomously and then eventually not at all.

5. Dedifferentiation

“Malignant adenomas are further dedifferentiated: The degree of dedifferentiation reveals something about the malignity (virulence): The more a tumor tissue is dedifferentiated, the more malignant it is normally.”
In no other totalitarian system is the social differentiation so greatly removed than under Islam. The German Reich under National Socialism and the German Democratic Republic under SED Stalinism still allowed space for some people and institutions; Islam doesn’t recognize such things. The most influential sociologist of the 20th century, Niklas Luhmann, presented in detail in his life work that touches on the theory of “social systems,” the system theory, the fact that functioning societies are kept sustainable by means of their degree of differentiation.

In the law, the social usefulness or harmfulness would count and not the compliance with an archaic ideology, in the economy, the effective and efficient distribution of goods and services and not the compliance with an archaic ideology, in finance, the stable provision of capital for the economy and budgets and not the compliance with an archaic ideology, in marriage and family, the mutual affection and provision and not the compliance with an archaic ideology, in child rearing and education the provision of the triad knowledge proficiency responsibility and not the compliance with an archaic ideology, and in science, the free research for new knowledge and its uncoerced communication with the outside and not the compliance with an archaic ideology.

This detailing of the social systems and their release from the primacy of the theopolitical dictatorship was painstakingly achieved by Europe through renaissance, humanism, reformation, enlightenment, technical and industrial revolution, liberalism, social democracy and the creation of a balance of powers between economic liberal and social democratic powers. The already filed motions of evidence are suited to prove that Islam destroys this social differentiation just as much as cancer does cellular differentiation, and that the unavoidable consequences in both cases is the death of the organism.

6. Destruction

“In contrast with benign tumors, malignant adenomas grow invasively and destructively. That means that the malignant tumor doesn’t stay at the limits of the tissue but rather breaks into organs and vessels, and with this growth destroys the original tissue.”
The same exact phenomenon can be regularly observed in Islam or the islamizaiton of a society: The legal system is overrun by the claim of validity by the Sharia, for example, through demands for stalls, circumcision, muezzin call, prayer under heavy impediment of street traffic, pressure on all public facilities for the installment of prayer rooms and provision of halal meals, etc. The economic and financial system is changed through establishments like halal banking. Marriage, family and child rearing fall under the islamic system of coercion with forced marriages, forced veiling, male urge to dominate and massive oppression of women, honor killings, etc. Education and science are no longer free as the fact among other things shows that witness Prof. Dr. Armin Geus is being prosecuted for a charge by a Saudi Arabian educational facility of the StA Marburg, and the trial was halted only after the defense attorney named 30 renowned psychiatrists who were all ready to confirm that “The Disease of the Prophet” dealt with a correct, scientific treatment at the highest methodical and contextual level.

This is how Islam destructively invades in all branches of society and transforms it according to the ideas of Arabia of the 7th century and the mentally ill founder Mohammed. And district attorneys and courts happily join in with the mistaken belief that it is about a religion.

7. Metastasis

“The tumor often forms child tumors in other locations of the organism that are called metastases.”
Thus, unfortunately, Islam doesn’t limit itself to the Arabian peninsula, rather it has metastasized into almost all national areas and is attempting to transform these according to its ideas, i.e. according to the ideas of the Koran, the Hadiths, the Sira and the sick prophet Mohammed.

8. Stepwise Carcinogenesis

“The transformation of a normal cell into a tumor cell is completed in several steps.”
This concerns an occurrence that starts with a “malignant transformation” of a cell and then advances itself. The “transformation of a normal into a malignantly deformed cell” occurs. In the development of terror cells of brave German boys that have become terror sympathizers and terrorists, the origin, process and speed of this development can reproduced at anytime and is in this respect common knowledge.

Also, whole societies can be classified with respect to their degree of degeneration, thus, the stoning societies such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Somalia are societies with 100% islamization; Christian-persecuting societies such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Nigeria are societies with 75% islamization; toppling societies such as Turkey with occasional persecution of Christians and a convergence of secular and islamic population, societies with 50% islamization; societies such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, where critique of Islam is already being suppressed nationally are headed toward 25% islamization, even though the portion of Muslims is less.

What generally applies: The more the tumor tissue the closer the death of the person. The more Islam, the closer the total collapse of society and the return to the Stone Age.

9. DNA Failure

“Explosive growth of tumors can be caused by failure of tumor suppression genes (=antioncogenes). In this case, the defense no longer functions on the genetic level. If the DNA repair of the cell stays missing, the cell is lost: In erroneous or missing repair, the primary lesion becomes irreversible and out of the transformed cell, a clinically tangible tumor can come into existence after a month to years.”
The Western societies are being destroyed exactly the same way, when their “DNA”, i.e. their Judeo-Christian religious identity in connection with the historically unique heritage of renaissance, humanism, reformation, enlightenment, technical and industrial revolution, liberalism, social democracy and creation of a balance of power between economic liberal and social democratic powers that encloses the claim of totality by religion regardless of the kind, cannot prevail against totalitarian and ideological Islam.

10. Proliferation of Tumor Cells

“After the malignant transformation begins the autonomic, uninhibited growth of the tumor. The tumor binds itself with the pathways of the body: Of importance for the development of clinically manifest tumors is a growth of vessels in the often vessel-free tumors during early stages of growth.
Consequence: When a provision of vessels for the growing tumor mass is achieved in this way, the supply situation improves and the tumor begins to grow again exponentially.”
This phase began only in the 20th century. Until then, Islam was limited to the region of Northern Africa, and the Near, Middle and Far East, which it was able to conquer militarily. With trillions of petrodollars, Islam infiltrated into all pathways of Western societies in the 20th century: legal systems were transformed according to the Sharia, economy and finances ended up in increasing dependence on the dictates of islamic national funds, marriage – family – customs – mosque communities forming increasing subcultures and parallel societies that live according to the Sharia and disregard the law and customs of the guest countries; the so far free system of child rearing – education – science fell under pressure to be able to do only positive and agreeable research and explanation about Islam, and the media are even more strongly prepared to push back press freedom in a pro-islamic way.

Thus it is common knowledge that no longer is it allowed for the country of origin or religious affiliation regarding the assailants of violent crime in Western countries to be reported, partly due to national censorship, partly to a self-censorship by the press. The list can be carried on without end: All pathways of society have been infected with Islam like a cancer

11. Immune Failure

“The failure of the immune system follows the failure of DNA. Tumor antigenes: The malignant transformation is often bound with the appearance of new antigenes on the surface of the tumor cells. Such tumor antigenes release above all cellular but also endocrine defense mechanisms. In this respect, it is a matter of the function of macrophages and lymphocytes, suspicion of T-cells that try to get rid of the tumor. If the tumor has reached a critical size of around 10 to the 6th power cells, it has escaped immunological control.”
There are a small number of social T-cells like the accused who try under the perception of defense laws such as self-defense, state of emergency and constitutional right of resistance to arrest the islamization of Germany and Europe. Since the justice department, the real immune system, however, is not working effectively against the islamization (rather, in contrast, against its critics), the West, figuratively speaking has AIDS, a fatal immune deficiency, so that the cancer of Islam can further spread itself unhindered.

12. Consequences of The Tumor Growth

“The consequences of the tumor growth are disastrous and include ‘displacement of hollow organs,’ ‘arrosion,’ ‘infection of necrotic tumor material,’ ‘perforation of body wall structures’ of the organs, ‘tumoric anemia,’ ‘kachexy (loss of balance and weakness as a result of the deprivation of vital substances by the tumor tissue)’”
The tumor acts as a parasite at the expense of the organism, and Islam at the expense of society; this has been observed in detail in the welfare state mentality of total care of strictly devout Muslim large families who despise the West but nonetheless in large scale allow themselves to be sustained by it. The financial and social expenditures are not sustainable. The society is dying.

In light of the aforementioned, the quixotic idea of the district attorney that calling Islam “cancer” is a (punishable) “insult” and not an (in the framework of free speech and press) exact and scientifically based analogy of medical and sociological conceptualization should be discarded. It is a matter of an idea that truly rests on ignorance but also on lack of understanding because the choice of terminology conforms in each ordered communication according to the issue so that the issue cannot remain out of sight when it has to do with the appropriateness of a choice of terms.

By the way, the district attorney’s office should read the filed motions of evidence in context. From this arises the fact that Islam is no religion at all, but a totalitarian theopolitical system to which a religion also belongs, but also much more as well.


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