Thursday, April 11, 2013

Muhammad, the Con Man and the False Prophet

By Seamystic

As we are against terrorism in the world for the ultimate survival of our society, I'm offering viewpoints to win the battle against Islam's goal of world domination, as stated in their writings.

Muhammad and his sayings, found in the Koran, Hadiths and Sunnahs, are the root of Muslim Terrorism.

WE must undermine Muhammad's character with historical truth, versus what is the sanitized version being taught our youth.

Let the world know that Muhammad, while in Medina, organized raids on camel trains hauling trade goods, and received twenty percent of the ill gotten loot. The spiritual mechanics of functioning as a Prophet does not mix with being a thief and killing for wealth and power.

Let the world know that Muhammad married a six year old child bride, brought her to his bed with her dolls and at nine years old consummated their marriage sexually.

The inner development of a Prophet does not function with Pedophilia. Muhammad was a Pedophile.

On returning to Medina after taking Mecca, he attacked one of the Jewish tribes, the Qurayza. After 26 days of siege, the Jews capitulated.

Muhammad immediately ignored the terms agreed upon as part of their surrender. He ordered and watched as all males from puberty on were beheaded in a trench. Their families were forced to watch the slaughter of male children and men. Some of the women became hysterical while watching the beheading of their husbands, fathers and sons. They were also beheaded. As much as nine hundred individuals were slain.

During the slaughter, Muhammad spotted a beautiful Jewish girl and selected her for his sex slave. Her name was Rayhannah. She had to watch while her sister and mother were raped as prostitutes. Her sister was traded as a slave for arms. All of the above are stated in the Hadiths and Sunnahs.

There were three tribal groups of Jewish origin in Medina at that time. Those that weren't killed or enslaved were forced out into the desert without water to die.

These atrocities are the actions of a demonic fiend, not a Prophet.

Muhammad also encouraged and rewarded assassinations against opposing individuals in Medina and Mecca. Assassinations is not an activity of a Prophet of God.

The fantasy paradise that Muhammad developed to entice the barbaric, uneducated Arabs to Islam is a personal Bordello. This paradise in the hereafter shows Muhammad's Sexual fixation and addiction. This again is not the development of a spiritual Prophet.

This Demonic personality is no doubt the most successful con man ever. More successful than Hitler and the Nazi movement in longevity and size.

Both have the same root in the lower mystical octave of life.

Compare Muhammad to all former Prophets and founders of great religious movements, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Taoism, and it easily shows us how debased this brigand was.

His organization was developed by tacking spiritual words to robbery, killing, conversions by the sword and fatwas which are all fiendish acts.

This activity by his followers is presently seen on television clips with kidnapped innocent people being beheaded in the praise of Allah.

A religion of Peace, this is Orwellian 1984 perversion of language.

Last but not least, Allah was one of over two hundred and fifty idols in the Ka'aba. After taking Mecca, Muhammad destroyed all other tribal idols except for the Quraysh tribes' and pronounced Rahman/Allah the one and only God.

I believe that in warfare against terrorism, we must attack the heart and not just the tentacles of Islam with recorded truth as written by Ishaq, Tabari and Bukhari. We must not let this perversion of religion spawn numberless adherents to Muhammad's' words to expand their terrorism further.

We must confront terrorism and the sanitized distortion of Islam head on.

When combating Evil remember: Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a Tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a Vegetarian.

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