Friday, November 8, 2013

Killing Muhammad

By Jake Neuman

700 years after the birth of Jesus, there was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia a psychotic killer who was to grew up and become known as the prophet Muhammad. This killer created his own god – Allah (the Anti God AKA Muhammad), his own religion -Islam – his own book – the Quran. 1443 years later, in the year 2013 – 1,600,000,000 people have sacrificed the very essence of their humanity, their immoral souls to this manic – A Monster of History With No Human Face.

In my view, Muhammad is the most important human being who was ever born. He embodies the totality of the evilness of the species Homo Sapiens. This evil will sooner rather then later lead to the extinction of Sapiens.

Without Muhammad there would have been no Islam – no Allah – no Quran. On the day Muhammad was born the death warrants of 270,000,000 human beings were signed: 120,000,000 blacks, 80,000,000 Hindus, 60,000,000 million Christians, 10,000,000 Buddhists perished in the Islamic holocaust. Not only did these human beings perish but all their possible descendents by the billions perished – never to be born – never to know life. The killing of just one human being by another human being is the murdering of all mankind.

This book – killing Muhammad – will not only concern itself with the assassination of Muhammad by a very brave Jewish woman after the Massacre of Khaybar but much more importantly will be the killing of the mythology of Muhammad – the Mythology that Muhammad was a prophet of peace who met the Angel Gabriel and received from Gabriel the verses of the Quran that God had transmitted to Gabriel for re transmission to Muhammad. We will destroy this mythology proving beyond by percentages to absolute certainty that Muhammad never net Gabriel – that Muhammad never received not even one word from God via Gabriel – that every word of the Quran was fabricated by Muhammad. That Islam is fraudulent – the Quran is fraudulent – that Muhammad was a total fraud – not a prophet of God.

Our mission – killing Muhammad – will be to destroy the Sunna of Muhammad – that this killer was exactly what he is as depicted in the Hadith and Sira and the Quran – a killer, mass murderer, child molester, rapist, terrorist, torturer – a prophet of monsterness.

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  1. This is true mohammed is false prophet ,it is a Antichrist .Jesus is truth propeth and son of God ,


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