Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Interview with SIOTW

By Pulp Ark

When and why did you get involved in the anti-Islamic movement?

When I decided to leave Islam 2.5 years back, I felt that I needed a sanctuary, a place that I can share my feelings about Islam. I started with an Indonesian forum run by Ali Sina. It's a resourceful place in finding the truth about Islam. Suddenly, I was immersed into the forum, confronting Muslims. I made many friends with fellow apostates and infidels that fights along with me.

Six months later, having understood the threat is global, I suggested to my friends to create special FB accounts to reach much wider audience. We continue our fights there, making notes, postings vile Islamic activities and events. A few of our English speaking friends, including me, have began to reach the West.

I started to change my strategy, while it was worthy to confront Muslims, making allies with the West is as important, as Islam has a major problem with Judeo-Christianity it's trying to corrupt. Earlier, I was tempted to befriended with some reformers, much like my old self. Gradually, I became assured that Islam cannot be reformed from within. It can only be destroyed from without.

I must name the few that shaped me into this today, Christopher Logan and Vin Ienco. There are other big names that I keep on losing due to my recycling FB account, such as Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Bridget Gabriel. In any case, I am proud to be among the growing nameless others that work around the clock dedicating themselves in exposing Islam.

I learn further that Islamic goal in world domination is actually recorded as the End of Time prophecy in the Bible; and the Mark is actually very Islamic. All the events in the Middle East and America now are as if they are staging for the Last Trumpet in Jerusalem. This fuel me further to my work, to be the instrument of God, to glorify Him in the name of Christ. I now have a deep love struck with Israel, the vessel of Blessings that Islam try to destroy.

Islamophobia is an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims. Are you an irrational Islamophobe?

I based my work on the Islamic teachings. They clearly condone lies and violence in attaining their goals. To be irrational, is to still think that Islam can be reformed, that those cuddly nice Muslims are the true representative of Islam. It is either they are point blank lying, or sincerely gullible to still think they can reform Islam, or just simply ignorant about the real teaching of Islam.

Muslims are equip with a fair amount of irrational hate towards Infidels alike, especially towards Jews and Christians. All whatever 'goodness' are just for among themselves. And they are being indoctrinated since young about the 'beauty' of Islam. So, a skin deep Muslim with what left of humanity in his or her heart, when happen to learn more about Islam, will either becoming a terrorist, or an apostate like me.

Much like the age of reformation when Bible becoming available to the known languages, it brought revolutionary changes that helped to enlighten the world. But as for Quran, in this age of the Internet, we are witnessing the rise of Islam around the world with ever increasing body counts and countless mistreatment to women.

Did you receive any threats from Muslims or others because of your involvement in the anti-Islamic movement?

I live among them. My friends, and my greater families are still Muslims. I can be consider lucky, as a few of the open minded ones may have known what I do now, and still have not done anything, just yet. And since I am active only in the cyberspace, any threats are somewhat isolated for now.

What aspects of Islam do you find most problematic and disturbing?

Their ability to lie. Good Muslims will never cherry pick the verses. Both versions works as intended. The violent ones for the obvious, and the sweeter ones to lace them.

To the uninitiated, there is a doctrine of Abrogation in Islam, that for any contradictions, the latest ones has the weight. While Quran has no context whatsoever, especially chronological, Hadis (Muhammad's sayings) and Sira (Muhammad's biography) can help to sort this out.

Quran is just Muhammad's tool to satiate his lust of power, sex, and money. Began with bad child upbringging, he suffered an incurable narcissistic personality disorder. He fantasized Allah as his slave to his biddings.

Do you think Israel is a good ally in the struggle against Islamization?

Of course, and Jerusalem is the key. Just because Muhammad had a dream departing from Jerusalem, riding a female headed winged donkey to meet his moon god, just to ask him how many times shall his followers moon him, Muslims had made the city sacred to them.

I am at a dismay that America is at its lowest now, at the time of this Islamic rising. Israel should have its full support from America at this critical time. My saying, please stop dealing with Islamic oil for indirectly financing their Jihad against us, use Israeli instead, and protect Israel at all cost.

God has promised that never again will Jerusalem be controlled by the Gentilles. So, any attempt of it, will simply means a full scale War.

Who is a moderate Muslim?

They are just a facade of the real Islam. As Anjem Choudary would say, there is no moderate vegetarian. So, those nice Muslims neighbors we know, they are just sleeper cells. Try to ask their opinion about the Jews. If they are OK, then they really musunderstand Islam.

How do you see the future with current immigration policies? And what needs to be changed?

Please stop importing Muslims. Yes, profile them by this dangerous belief. Put priority on the persecuted minorities and apostates. Yes, Muslim can lie as far as pretending that they are apostates, therefore, resources will be required for investigating them.

OK, this sounds far fetched, and to do this, Islam must first be demoted from its religious status that it's enjoying now, to a mere a political movement. And this will need incitement. Precisely what the people like me are doing now.

Multi-culture is beautiful, only without Islam please.

What do you see as the biggest challenge when it comes to informing people about the dangers of Islamization?

Liberal thinking. The thinking that everyone, or all religions is good. That is why I am stressing about the nature of Islam. The way it is perpendicular with the course of humanity.

Best way to neuter this is to frequently having open debates about Islam through all possible media. Here is a good one. This will greatly helping the general public to know Islam first hand, from the Muslim themselves, as it would be very hard for them to lie publicly.

What do you say to people calling you a racist or a Nazi because you oppose Islamization?

Islam is not a race. And if they insist that discrimination is a form of 'racism', then so be it. Islam is so dangerous that it deserves and must be discriminated. Being mugged might make you lose your money. But with Islam, it will make sure that you and your descendants be transformed into them, and mug others.

Do you think mainstream media is pro-Islam biased?

Yes, based on the spirit of the Liberals. I sincerely hope that by next year, the tide will change, once the Republicans take control of the WH again, hope this time with no nonsense politically correct Islamic enablers. I just hope it won't be too late though.

Muslims want to use Sharia (Islamic law). In what way does it clash with our Western civilization and our laws?

People like Dahlia Mujahid, Obama's Islamic envoy, works hard spewing Taqiyya (Islamic sanctioned Lies) about the beauty of Islam. Saying that Sharia is a parallel system that fully compatible with our civilizations. The truths is, it is a complete system that intrudes your very life, with myriads of sadistic punishments.

Is Islam a religion of peace?

Islam will attain peace through world domination, and they are supposedly doing it before the End of Time, or so they prophesied. Which is true, I think. For when Islam reach that state, all civilizations known to men, will be destroyed. And they shall continue fighting each other as usual, until they all be destroyed too. Peace.

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